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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 06/17/13 "Spying On Us"

 Today's guest bloggist is one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:
In 2001 after the tragic bombings of the world trade center flags were popping up on everyone’s door step. A rampaging fever of protect America at all cost was spreading like dandelion seeds in the wind and out of this, the Patriot act was conceived, birthed and was loved.
We would make those that had attacked us pay the cost no matter what the cost. Now 12 years later we seem to have all but forgotten the alarm that brought us to the point of flag planting surveillance cameras, phone tapping, etc. Now we scream we are being spied on, and we are. We scream our privacy is being invaded, and it is. And we scream it is wrong. It is a dictatorship on some level it is, and it is making us into a Big brother is watching country, and it is.
It is not to be condoned, but neither is the death of thousands in New York nor the lamed and dead in Boston.
I have said and will explain further in the podcast that I don’t mind, my life will not change one bit if I am being spied on. I will not do one thing different. I will not monitor my word's phone calls or blogs and podcast. I will not change one bloody thing because some guy or hopefully woman is sitting in my tree outside watching me take a shower.
As I told one FBI agent years ago; I ask. "Have I put your son through college yet with the money you've been paid for watching me?” He laughed and said two things, " and my daughter also". The other thing he said is, don’t stop doing what you're doing. Here is a link to another of my websites, which will help explain that even further.
And enjoy the rambling. I love  feed back, and it’s good to welcome you to rambling Harbor.
You can listen to Dan's latest podcast here: 

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06/17/2013 6:54AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/17/13 "Spying On Us"
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