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BJ'S BLOG 06/18/14 "Facebook to the Rescue"

Greetings and salutations, good people of the internet!
Here’s a story that might just send a chill up your spine: a 10 year-old girl recently found herself in an emergency situation when her father was caught beneath a tree during a major storm, but she couldn’t call for help because her family doesn’t have a home phone!
Rather than let the crisis get the best of her, this smart little cookie posted a video to Facebook, asking for help and directing people to her house. Emergency services showed up shortly thereafter, and her dad was rescued.
I still have a home phone, due to my chosen cable/internet package…but more and more households are letting go of that particular luxury. This story may offer some proof of the power of social media, but let’s not overlook the fact that this emergency could have been resolved a little faster if the girl could have used that classic kitchen phone.
Whatever you think about the usefulness of a home phone, I hope we can all agree that this girl deserves a major raise in her allowance for fast thinking. If you seek out this news story, I urge you to avoid reading the comments…because any faith you have in humanity will go up in flames at a high rate of speed.
Remember: Nothing in the world is heartwarming enough to avoid the wrath of those nasty internet trolls.

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06/18/2014 7:15AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/18/14 "Facebook to the Rescue"
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06/18/2014 12:02PM
Facebook to the rescue
It's truly a blessing what that kid did but it was Jesus Christ who helped made that little girl possible in saving her dad.. Great story bj
06/18/2014 7:32PM
Great Story
And I do not intend to seek out the story any place else. I like it the way it stands. Dan S
06/19/2014 8:23AM
RE: Facebook to the rescue
It's just sad to see trolls trying to trash on it. She saved her dad's life, lets celebrate that. - VB
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