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BJ'S BLOG 06/19/14 "Father/Daughter Job Dilemma"

Reminder: we’re switching to a new “mandatory uniform” for Group Therapy. I hope you don’t mind seeing STP and I in short-shorts and sexy tank-tops…
Tommy is a Rock-A-Holic from Chicago who listens to us on the internet. His 19-year-old daughter has been offered a job at a place called The Tilted Kilt, and Tommy’s freaking out a little bit over that. If you haven’t been to this particular establishment, let me explain: the servers are all dressed as “sexy schoolgirls”, for lack of a better description.
Tommy’s not really comfortable with the idea of his daughter dressing provocatively for work, but she really wants the job. Tommy’s wife has told the daughter that she’ll support Tommy’s decision…but she later told Tommy (privately) that she thinks they should support the daughter’s decision.
This is where I have to be the objective person, and point out that the daughter is of legal age, and she ultimately has the right to make her own decisions. Parents – especially fathers, in my opinion – often hope to retain a sense of control over their children for as long as possible, but you have to respect them as adults eventually. Why not start now?
What say you, Rock-A-Holics? 

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06/19/2014 9:03AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/19/14 "Father/Daughter Job Dilemma"
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06/19/2014 6:55PM
Sorry dad
He needs to suck it up. It's his own fault that he didn't teach her self respect. Now she's an adult and will make whatever choices she wants...and hopefully not go on to be a stripper. Lol
06/20/2014 8:35AM
Adulthood Happens
I have seen fathers melt into a babbling mass of " Not with my little girl you don't"and that little girl can be from 18 to 80. Sometimes a dad has to say, I love you and be careful, it's your choice Dan S
06/20/2014 8:41AM
adult decision
The young lady is an adult. As was pointed out she is of age to have her decision and live with the consequences. The father should support his daughter on any choice she makes that does not put her life or health in jeopardy. This "uniform" is just the restaurant's way of getting their target crowd and stay in business. She is not signing up to do anything provocative, she is signing up to serve food. The father doesn't have to like her choice, but should support her in her decision. It will give her the job she really wants and will allow her to have a lesson in business and humility
06/20/2014 9:23AM
RE: adult decision
Very well said. She's not doing anything shameful, she's working serving food. - VB
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