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BJ'S BLOG 06/20/13 "Ballet for Boys"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, I read a Facebook message I received from a Rock-A-Holic named Kevin.

He is a 40-year-old with three kids; a 7-year-old son and two daughters who are slightly older.
Both of his daughters take dance and will be participating in a summer dance camp next month. After seeing his sisters dance, his son asked if he could take a class so Kevin’s wife signed him up for ballet. 

If it were up to him, he would make his son take a summer baseball camp instead because he doesn’t know if he will get made fun of for taking dance.

This is a tricky subject.  In the year 2013, men like Kevin are supposed to be enlightened and not let gender define what people do. The thing is, people need to also understand that masculinity is important to men. Boys in elementary school through high school can be mean and one of the main ways they do so is by attacking each other’s masculinity.

I understand that Kevin doesn’t want his son get teased, it’s a legitimate concern because we as adults know how to rise above taunting while a lot kids do not.

My main concern for his son isn’t so much about him being a boy in ballet because if Kevin explains to him that he might get taunted and he genuinely wants to pursue it then that’s fine; I’m worried that he is too young. I read a study saying that kids take ballet at a very young age can have physical problems when they are older. My daughter has had a lot of physical issues and we wonder if it’s because she started ballet too young.

Kevin should consult medical professionals…emotional damage may be nothing compared to the physical damage it could cause.

06/20/2013 8:21AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/20/13 "Ballet for Boys"
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06/21/2013 12:51PM
A Different Dance
While not in total disagreement BJ, I think there is a different approach. First off, MOM is deciding the summer camp enrollment options?? When my kids were summer camping, that was a discussion we ALL had. It was my money - I wanted my money's worth. Oldest son took up martial arts and stayed with it for 7 years to brown belt status. Some of the best money I ever spent. Gave him balance, discipline, and great self esteem. Plus the bullies don't mess with you if you can rip their lungs out. My daughter took up gymnastics at age 5 and gained many of the same benefits as my son. My younger son went the baseball route and enjoyed great times while getting to 'go away' to grandpa's for 2 weeks every summer. I'm not saying dance/ballet classes are bad, just that they put a lot of strain on young bodies. There are alternatives out there that are just as fun for the kids. Parents - do your job and do your research. They're children for crying out loud - and only once!. Wren
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