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BJ'S BLOG 06/25/12 "Safeco Field"

For those actually following the Mariners, you know as well as I do that they have been doing horribly and one of the biggest controversies has to be about Safeco Field. 
Someone came out anonymously and said that the ball park is the problem which would explain why the Mariners do better at road games than at home. 
We’ve been talking about it for years but they really need to move in the fences because of the thick air we have in this area. 
Of course the Mariners have denied that there is a problem but we’ve even heard from former Seahawk kicker Josh Brown who said because of the thick air, the ball travels differently. 
We are number 28 out of 31 teams for the total amount of runs scored in our own ball park! The only time runs were scored on a regular basis was when steroids were prominent. If the Mariners could play in a ball park similar to the ones they play in on the road, they could win a few more games, and who know, maybe make it to the top.
As a fan, I believe that if there is any way to improve a team and their playing conditions, that it should be done. It’s as simple as that. 

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06/25/2012 8:50AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/25/12 "Safeco Field"
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06/25/2012 9:05AM
Mariners to Win?
Hey, I'm going to see the Mariners tomorrow so, perhaps my very presence will enable them to win. It's going to be my first Major League Baseball game ever so, if they don't win I'm going to be VERY put out.
06/25/2012 11:58AM
That doesn't even make sense. To win a game, you still have to beat a team which is playing under the same conditions as you are.
06/25/2012 2:39PM
Have to agree - Not relevant
Bringing in the walls would only serve to make it easier for visiting teams to slam more baseballs out of the park. There's a problem with our team, but "thick air" isn't it. I would agree with many of your on-air comments that one of the biggest contributors to the Mariner's lack luster performance is the lack luster fan-base. We need better fans. At the same time, the Mariners ball park *is* part of the problem in that they basically (sc)rape the fans in ticket prices, concessions, parking, merchanidse, and momentos. I went to buy Diamond Club tickets for my father-in-law's father day present (what a great guy!) and i was told that "Dynamic Pricing" had kicked in. I mistakenly thought this was going to be to my benefit, that since attendance had gone down so much and because the Team's performance had been so iffy at home that i would be getting a price break... HA! no, what it meant was that those same tickets cause $120 MORE based on Dynamic Pricing. I understand that I was looking at very exlusive seats, but it blew me away that the Ball Park would charge that much more during such a down time. Not a smart business decision.
06/25/2012 4:05PM
Agree 100%
Bring in the fences. Raise the left field wall 40 feet, paint it blue and name it the Blue Wave. Paint the batter's eye green intead of the existing black. I'd rather watch a home run derby than a pitcher's duel. I realize visiting teams would be playing in the same stadium but home field advantage should kick in. Even if it doesn't we'd get to see some offense rather than sitting on our hands all game with nothing to cheer about. Look at the College World Series now that they have deadened the bats and moved venues....Boring!
06/27/2012 11:41PM
Agreed but...
In the post-steroid era, the Mariners have been a pitching dominant team. Safeco Field is nice for our line drive hitters like Saunders, Ackley, and Seager. We don't have the payroll to buy guys like Albert Pujols, so we may as well keep them as they are to hopefully prevent HRs from other teams and give ourselves room for base hits.
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