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BJ'S BLOG 06/26/14 "Privacy"

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has chosen to boycott Seattle media, after some Seattle newspaper reporters decided to reveal the address of Sherman’s newly-purchased home. Yes, this is information of public record…if you really go looking for it. The reporters in question have practically invited people to bother a public figure – one who has proven himself to be a great supporter of Seattle on both a civic and charitable level.
I can’t blame Sherman for drawing the line. What an invasion of privacy this is! Sherman and his girlfriend are both quite unhappy about this turn of events, and they have every right to be.
Newspaper reporters are capable of some pretty low stuff, and I speak with some degree of experience here. You’d think that a dying form of media would try to turn its situation around by taking a high road, and acting with journalistic integrity. It’s a real shame that we’re seeing exactly the opposite.
Let’s hear it from you, gang: do you think Richard Sherman is justified in his decision to step away from the local press, or is this much ado about nothing?

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06/26/2014 8:06AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/26/14 "Privacy"
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06/26/2014 11:40AM
Totally agree
You know, just because they're superstars it doesn't exclude the fact that they have a private life with families and friends. Sherman has every right to be upset and to take action. I say to the reporters and to anybody who would go to great lengths to bother someone just because of their superstar status, get a f**king life.
06/26/2014 11:46AM
The life he chose
I understand the need for privacy but he chose a profession that comes with very little private life.
06/26/2014 11:50AM
I think Mr. Sherman is absolutely justified in his decision to step away from Seattle media. I do hope, however, that he will not turn down an opportunity to appear on 99.9 FM to inform the community about his activities. It's a shame that the decision of a few newspaper idiots would punish other media outlets, especially when it comes to his charitable work. I was born and raised in Washington, but now live in Oklahoma (I know, it really can be a backwards cesspool of ignorance). I'm not the only one in the state to fly Seattle's colors; I've seen more than a few people here in Tulsa showing their Seattle pride through hats/shirts, etc. As a former resident and a fan: shame on the paper for outing the private life of a public figure, especially a member of the team who was a big part of getting us to the Superbowl. Frankly, it seems as though the pressure to get a story trumps the privacy of one of Seattle's most honored citizens. Mr. Sherman doesn't have to live in Seattle; he could simply rent a house during the season and make his residence in his home state of California. Get. A. Grip. Responsible journalism appears to be dead. Perhaps there is another paper who wishes to go the way of the internet.
06/26/2014 12:17PM
If Sherman wanted to keep his private life private then he should shut his mouth. He draws the attention to himself. No a newspaper should not have printed his address but people were going to find it out anyway.
06/26/2014 12:24PM
Another way to show how stupid he is
Hmm, one, it's public record and not hard to find, two, you bought a house known to be previously occupied by another star. Three, u just worried the madden curse will hit you and people gonna egg your house
06/26/2014 12:24PM
Suck it up Sh*t talker
Its public record and he's a public figure. This boycott only makes him look bad. People have always wanted to see where their public figures live. If he lived in LA there would be a map and a tour going by. Suck it up Sherman and take what you loveto dish out.
06/26/2014 3:19PM
Yeah its public record and peopel could look it up if they really wanted, the average joe isn't going to do that. by printing it they made it easily accessible to EVERYONE not just the loonies. He will have 100 times more visitors because they printed it.
06/26/2014 11:42PM
Don't worry be happy!!
I didn't realize people still read the paper. Lol... He has nothing to worry about. His boycott is the only reason any of us even know about this.
06/29/2014 7:43AM
I love Sherm, but...
His boycott is the only reason I heard about it. Think about it- if he'd just let it go, how many more people would be camped outside his house than there were before? More importantly, how many LESS would be camped out than there are NOW? Sherm's awesome, my favorite player and consummate badass, but as smart as he is, this is one incident where his youth & immaturity managed to slip through the cracks, and now he's paying for it. If he'd kept his mouth shut, nothing would have come of this. I suggest Sherm read the story "A Slander" by Anton Chekhov, as it covers this precise situation. Had he read this beforehand, I sincerely doubt we would be talking about it right now.
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