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BJ Shea

 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 06/27/12 "Facebook "Likes""

Yesterday I read a study out of Harvard University that really surprised me. 
The study says that when someone’s Facebook post get’s “Liked,” they get the same feeling as sexual satisfaction. The reason being, when you post something, you feel vulnerable to rejection but when you receive “Likes” you feel accepted. 
They found in the study that the mesolimbic dopamine system in the brain became active which is the same area that responses to sex, food, and money. 
While talking about this, Toppy and Steve agreed that nothing is as good as sex while Vicky said a massage comes close to her. 
That shows me the difference between men and women because I get massaged regularly and even though I do fall asleep sometimes, it could never be as good as sex for me.
This has me thinking that for a lot of women using Facebook, receiving a “Like” on a post could be as good as sex for them because of the attention they are receiving.
Steve mentioned a situation where a woman called him out on all his “Likes” saying that the only reason he got so many is because he is on the radio and that he doesn’t know how hard it is for people to like her content. 
My theory is because some women crave attention more than anything else so that when the office flirtations or the emotional cheating happens, they don’ consider it a bad thing. 
Here’s what I think, if you’re in a relationship and something gives you the same pay off as sex even though it’s not sexual, shouldn’t that be considered just as bad as physically cheating on someone? 
We men only get one pay off and that is by having sex while women can achieve it through multiple avenues yet we men are the only ones who get vilified for this, and that is just not fair. 

06/27/2012 10:03AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/27/12 "Facebook "Likes""
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