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BJ'S BLOG 06/27/14 "The KFC Kid Hoax"

Honestly, I’m just not sure if we should believe a damn thing on the internet anymore…but on the other hand, I’m relieved to hear that one particularly troubling recent “news item” has possible been debunked as a hoax.
You may have heard (or read) about the 3-year-old girl who was asked to leave a KFC because of her physical appearance. The kid in question was reportedly disfigured by a pit bull, leaving her terribly scarred. The restaurant story goes like this: the restaurant staff found her appearance too disturbing for the other customers, and asked the girl and her family to leave.
After this story broke, the good people of the world raised $135,000 on the girl’s behalf, and a Las Vegas plastic surgeon pledged to help restore the child’s appearance. The initial report said that the girl’s grandmother was the source of the story, but KFC says the claim has been thoroughly checked against receipts and security camera footage…and simply cannot be true.
Is the whole thing a hoax? That’s the latest angle on this strange, terrible story. Meanwhile, the girl’s aunt insists -- on Facebook -- that it’s NOT a hoax. Whatever the truth may be, there’s a very real child who has been made a victim twice now, and it makes me sick to think that it could EVER happen to someone, much less in the first three years of their life.
What do you think, folks?

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06/27/2014 6:43AM
BJ'S BLOG 06/27/14 "The KFC Kid Hoax"
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06/27/2014 12:13PM
Skepticism pays off yet again.
Of course they're going to insist it's not a hoax, they'll swear up and down it's true, until they die, because to admit they made it up would be even worse. I was skeptical from the first moment I heard the story: First, what customer would actually complain about a little girl's injuries? No one. If they were put off, they'd just avert their eyes. Second, even if someone actually DID complain, what employee would actually approach them and give them that kind of ammunition? Glad KFC cleared their name. I feel bad for this little girl, being brought up by a family with morals like theirs. Not to mention, this girl's scars are brought on by leaving her unattended with a pack of large dogs. I love dogs, but leave a 3-year old with 5-10 large dogs and you're just inviting trouble.
06/27/2014 8:24PM
quick! get some water, pants fire!
from one article I read on the story, they were originally claiming they had gone to a KFC that hadn't been in business for years, and when called out on it, changed their story, saying it was a different one and that they had gotten it wrong, which often has people recovering from gunshot wounds and with tubes hooked up to them going in there.. doesn't sound like the kind of place that would get all in a huff over a little girl's injuries. Sounds more like they did a quick outdated search online for nearby restaurants.
06/30/2014 9:52AM
RE: Skepticism pays off yet again.
I'm right there with ya. I hope the little girl grows up learning right from wrong unlike her family! - VB
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