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BJ'S BLOG 07/01/14 "I Caught My Daughter Having Sex"

Welcome back to Group Therapy, everybody! Let’s relax for this session, shall we? Pull up your favorite recliner and lean back all the way. Aaaahhh, doesn’t that feel nice? Not a care in the world.
Ted needs some advice from his fellow Rock-A-Holics. You see, Ted has a 15-year-old daughter that he’s raising on his own; the mother’s not a part of their lives, and lives in another state, anyway.
Ted says his Daughter is great: she gives him no trouble, does well in school, and is a joy to be around.
Unfortunately, Ted’s daughter is growing up a little bit faster than her father would prefer. On Saturday night, Ted walked downstairs to find the daughter and her boyfriend (who is one year older, at 16) having sex on Ted’s recliner!
Ted’s first reaction was a strong desire to put the hurt on the boyfriend, but he didn’t follow through with it. Now, Ted really doesn’t know what to do, and he’s hoping to hear from you, good people. As disturbed as he is by the discovery, Ted feels like forbidding them to see each other will only make this young romance into a “Romeo and Juliet” situation, and things will just get more complicated.
I know it has to be tough for the single dads. I’m lucky to have a wife, especially with two kids in the house. My daughter, especially, always has a mom to talk to, and that really takes the pressure off me.
Before I turn this over to you, let’s have a moment of silence for the silent victim in this situation:  Ted’s recliner. A man’s chair is his royal throne…and I don’t think I could ever sit comfortably in mine again if I caught my daughter doing the nasty on it.
What advice do you have for Ted, good people?

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07/01/2014 8:44AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/01/14 "I Caught My Daughter Having Sex"
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07/01/2014 11:11AM
Get her on birth control fast
Certainly a 15 year old is young to be having sex but that train has left the station. Now my best advice is getting her set up with proper birth control. And as uncomfortable as all this may be, it will be better than having to deal with a baby.
07/01/2014 11:30AM
Put a cover on it...
Both the chair and the boyfriend... He's gotta have a conversation with the daughter AND the boyfriend. Invite them both to sit down for a talk and just be upfront (it'll be uncomfortable, but you'll get through it), and try to not make it out to be such a HUGE deal... Just say hey, I know you're having sex so you "boyfriend" I expect you to use protection, and I expect you to treat my daughter with respect. Daughter, since you're sexually active, let's get you an appointment with a gynecologist so you can talk about your overall female health issues, and birth control options for you as well. And, while I am aware that you're sexually active, please try to avoid doing it my MY GD chair from now on.
07/01/2014 1:55PM
advise from a young mom
23/f here and I still remember 15 pretty well. As long as she's doing good in school, staying out of trouble, and her boyfriend is a nice guy then I suggest inviting him to dinner and tell them what's up. Make sure they are smart and using protection and not in your effing chair or while your home. Whatever your stipulations are ya know. Maybe have a man to man talk with just the boyfriend as well. If that's the only issue she's having though your a lucky man. Teenage girls are crazy.
07/03/2014 9:31AM
Its ok BJ
I could still use your chair if I saw Sarah doing the nasty in it.
07/03/2014 1:23PM
I have never had to experience this situation. So any real reply I could make would be strictly academic. But I have a feeling that if that recliner belonged to you , you would burn it.. As for the daughter. Doesn't Sara travel with armed female body guards 24/7 ? Dan S
07/07/2014 6:56AM
RE: Put a cover on it...
I agree! Or if there is a female role model in her life that she trusts, he could maybe have her talk to his daughter about birth control and can answer the girl questions. - VB
07/10/2014 8:46PM
the real deal
Chop his thing off use your chair as his anchor, throw him in the river!!! Along with the thing
08/08/2014 12:51PM
Virginity Doctor
You see, women hit sexual maturity quicker than men and her 16 year old boyfriend was probably more sacred of the sexual interaction than he was of your reaction to catching them in the act. I am prescribing that you talk to your daughter openly, but give her space and keep your words broad. If a father can connect with their daughter about sex, while awkward, it means you will be in the loop or have a warning the next time something like this happens. At her age, I only engaged in dry foreplay and I recommend she do the same until 17-18.
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