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BJ'S BLOG 07/02/12 "Gifts from an Ex"

Last week, we received an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Will who needed some Group Therapy. 
Will and his girlfriend went out to a nice restaurant to celebrate their one year anniversary. While at dinner, Will noticed his girlfriend was wearing a pair of diamond earrings he’s never seen on her before. When he asked where they came from, she said that they were a gift from her LAST boyfriend! 
They got into a fight over it and when Will asked for her not to wear them she said that she loved them and she would wear them whenever she wanted! 
Wow. This proves once again how some women are clueless about men. 
Men don’t like to see another man’s mark on our significant others and that is all Will is going to think about when he looks at those earrings.  His girlfriend knew perfectly well what would happen if she told him the truth yet she did it anyways. 
Some women today think they can and are allowed to do everything and anything they want. Guys, the best thing you can do if your girl is going off on you saying that she gets to do whatever she wants, is to leave.  If she’s allowed to do whatever she wants, so can you and you can prove it by leaving. Either you’ll be walking away from a bad situation for good or she will snap out of it and realize if she wants to keep the relationship, she must change her selfish ways. 
My advice for women and men in similar situations is to either don’t say where the item came from or don’t wear it at all. Simple as that. 

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07/02/2012 9:19AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/02/12 "Gifts from an Ex"
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07/02/2012 9:56AM
Young women, older Men
BJ......I have been a listener to your great show for the better part of the last 7 years. My question might have been addressed before, but I have to ask. I found out that my wife had gone out with with a guy 10 or 12 years older. This of course was before I met her. It actually happened about the previous year before we started becoming close. She had mentioned to me that they had gone to the movies together at one time, I did not think anything of it. Just her and the manager of the pizza hut where her sister was working, out on a friendly date. This was in '83 when they went out.......she was 21 years old. After being married to my wife for 15 years.....I asked her again, "What movie did you and Mr. Smith go see at the theatre back before we met?" Well, her response was, my best friend and I went with Mr. Smith to the movies to see something or . Not only did she get the movie wrong, (The movie was Tarzan, Legend of Greystoke) but now she is telling me that two girl went on a date with Mr. Smith. And both times, Mr. Smith made a quick stop by his place, late at night, and inviited them in to his home. So apparantely there must've been some attraction towards this much older guy for my wife to have gone on a date with him twice. Late night showing of the movie, late night quick stop at his place (10 or 11 pm), and a late night dropping her off at the pizza hut for her to pick up her car and her getting home past 1 or 2 am. BJ.....I am experienced in the ways of the world........I can smell Bulllpoop......when I see it. Why do women keep this details away from their partner, boyfriend, husbands?? I had to resort to Gestapo interrogation finally obtain some of the missing pieces of the puzzle. Let me know my brother............Sincerely.....Mr. Jones....
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