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BJ'S BLOG 07/03/12 "Complaints from Men"

Yesterday on the show, we talked about what topped the list of Men's Ten Biggest Complaints About Women done by
How many times have I said that men understand women more than women understand men? That’s where we are in society! As little boys we are taught how to treat our mothers, sisters, etc and yet women are been taught nothing about how to treat boys and men. 
I know that dating websites cater to women so this information can be valuable for any woman out there looking for a partner whether online or in person. 
Here is what topped the list:
3. You're always looking down the road.
2. Your expectations are set by Hollywood and sky high.
1. You see us as projects you can 'fix.' 
Talk about double standard; we’ve heard from women that they just want to be listened to while they rant or went and that they don’t want to be “fixed” or helped yet that is what they do.  
Some women like to find the “bad boys” and try to mold them into their ideal man.  
Steve made a great point, if a man were to say that with $1000 worth or nose jobs and breast implants, a woman can be “fixed” to be a great partner, there would be an outrage! 
Ladies, if you really want to find a good man, you have to actually learn how to treat men, which does not include disrespecting us by treating us like little broken projects.  

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07/03/2012 9:45AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/03/12 "Complaints from Men"
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