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BJ'S BLOG 07/09/14 "A Good Deed...For The Right Reasons?"

Hello again, folks! Here’s something that caught my eye, and I’d like to hear your feedback…
Carolina Panthers player DeAngelo Williams gave up his business class seat to a soldier on a recent flight, and has apparently done so on more than one occasion. Williams posted a picture and indicated that a U.S. Marine would be getting a surprise in the form of an unexpected ride in business class.  On a side note, we are now hearing that DeAngelo might have been “duped” by a fake marine, which is sickening to hear.
First off, I love to see support and appreciation for our military men and women. On the other hand, I am always a bit suspicious of publicity, since this is starting to become “a thing” with celebrities on flights. Amy Adams recently gave up a first class seat to a soldier, and the news spread like wildfire.
I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but I would hate to see this become a trend because it earns attention from the public and the press. Maybe it’s just a nice gesture, and the generosity on display from Amy Adams and DeAngelo Williams might inspire other celebrities to do the same. At the end of the day, however, public figures get good P.R. when they do things like this, so I hope you’ll understand my skeptical instinct.
What do you think, gang? Is this a worthwhile trend, or a path that might be paved with less-than-good intentions?

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07/09/2014 8:14AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/09/14 "A Good Deed...For The Right Reasons?"
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07/09/2014 11:56AM
Whether their intentions are completely honest, and they're doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, or if they're hoping for a little publicity kick, it doesn't matter. I would rather hear about celebrities doing good, than about 90% of the other things in the world - I don't care about X's baby bump, or who Kanye is mad at now. If Kanye were to humble up and start doing acts of kindness, I might dredge up a modicum of respect for him. If more celebrities were kind, humble, generous people, maybe more people would try to emulate them. Whether or not it's for show, all that matters is that good comes out of it.
07/10/2014 7:34AM
RE: Celebs
Fair enough, we could really use more random acts of kindness in this world! :) - VB
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