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BJ'S BLOG 07/11/13 "Unreasonable People"

Yesterday on the show, a Rock-A-Holic named Chris wrote in asking for some Group Therapy advice.

Chris is in his mid 30’s and a few months ago met a girl in her late 20’s online and they started dating. She seemed fine for the first month until she decided she needed to take a break from their relationship. They ended up getting back together a week later and things were once again fine for the next month and a half.  

During the 4th of July week, her mother came to town to visit and she had mentioned to Chris that her mom was a raving lunatic who abused her as a teenager.

His plan was to take them out to dinner for the 4th of July and then out to a firework show. Things were going great until the check came and the mom offered to pay the tip. He hesitated but agreed to which his girlfriend gave him “the stare of death.”

Needless to say, when they got home, she was furious and he says there was no talking to her. She then ignored him for 5 days before finally deleting him off of Facebook.

He wanted to know if he really did something so abhorrent that he deserved to be treated this way.  

I am so tired of men getting in trouble for stuff like this. The mother offered to pay a part of the meal and if she didn’t want to pay for it, why would she offer in the first place!

Chris is better off without this girl because she got mad over something that shouldn’t be a big deal then refused to talk about it like an adult. She couldn’t get passed the antiquated tradition where the man is supposed to pay for every single thing (which is ridiculous because are we not supposed to be equal in today’s society) and see that he was willing to entertain a woman she talked so badly about. When a man really likes a woman, more often than not, he will dislike the people who have hurt their girlfriend/wife.

The one key and simple concept that Chris and everyone need to keep in mind is there is no reasoning with unreasonable people so it’s best to just walk away.

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07/11/2013 8:11AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/11/13 "Unreasonable People"
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07/11/2013 11:20AM
Chris is way better off. He probably wanted a woman a little younger than himself and thought late twenties was a safe mature age. She's still acting like a teenager wanting to "take time off" but not breakup, give him the cold shoulder instead of communicating, and The Ultimate deleting him on FB after they dated for three months. She was abused by a "raving lunatic," and behaves this way at an age when she's supposed to be a grown up, she's going to make someone very miserable one day. Chris should count his blessings; he got off cheap.
07/11/2013 11:48AM
Chris is lucky to get out when he did. Anyone who trys to emotionally manipulate their way through a relationship is NOTsomeone you want to be with. I'm sure its not the last he will hear from her though.....I predict she will come crying back :(
07/11/2013 1:20PM
Grow up little girl.
This girl is ridiculous. Chris needs to get away from her asap. How are they supposed to make life decisions together if she cannot control her attitude over a dumb check? Honestly I agree with you BJ. Men aren't responsible for everything. And if it was a big deal, why didn't ahe offer to pay for her mom, its her mom. Seriously ladies, you need to grow up. I'm in my late 20's and I never pulled that bs.
07/11/2013 2:02PM
This chick's got issues
This girl has some serious issues. I have no doubt there was some major dysfunction going on when she was a kid with her mom. The way she is acting, she hasn't at all gotten past it. He is too old to be wasting his time being the conductor of that train wreck. Move on, and count yourself lucky for only wasting a few months.
07/11/2013 5:28PM
She's a spoiled brat
But she must be really hot, huh?
07/12/2013 9:03AM
So bad you can't take your eyes off it! TJ
07/15/2013 8:54AM
I think the girl is doing this guy a favor... If something like this is going to set her off, what happens when tough situations come up in the relationship? -HotKyle
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