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BJ'S BLOG 07/19/12 "Objectifying"

Yesterday I got really annoyed about a Twitter war that our friend of the show, Simon Pegg was involved in with “feminist geek” Courtney Stoker. 
If you don’t know of Simon Pegg, he’s the actor that was in Hot Fuzz, Shawn of the Dead and he plays Scotty in the new Star Trek films, and I’ve had the chance to hang out with him at a baseball game and he really is a great guy. 
What happened was Courtney got upset that Simon tweeted this:
Simon Pegg: Also, I've got a thing about cosplay girls. They're like zombie stormtroopers, a glorious combination of beloved things. #SDCC”
Simon Pegg: *makes noise like Homer Simpson thinking of donuts*

Here is what Courtney wrote in response: 
Courtney Stoker: “OMG @simonpegg, that is gross. Cosplayers do not actually exist to fulfill your sexual fantasies. #cosplay”
Courtney Stoker: “Female geeks, even Leia cosplayers, are a part of the geek community. NOT DECORATION. @simonpegg #cosplay”
I really wanted to go off on this but it seems that no matter what you do to defend a person who is being attacked, if the attacker is a feminist you will always look like the bad guy. 
It also seems like some feminists have this force field around them so even though they might be wrong about something and being mean, you can never defend yourself because they can say whatever they want behind that feminist fence and claim you are against women. 
It’s really unfair.
Even though I think his Homer comment is funny, I can understand how some people might not like how he said that, and that’s ok. There is no problem with that. 
You can read the rest of their Twitter conversation here:  
If you look at the women in the picture, they look like they are in good shape and seem like they would appreciate being found attractive especially by a fellow geek like Simon Pegg. 
There is so much wrong about this whole battle; Courtney also writes in her blog:
“Here’s the thing: “sexuality” is not about objectifying women. Actual sexuality is *being sexual.* Drooling over cosplay women, calling them “girls,” and suggesting that their fandom and cosplaying are just there to get you off? That’s not sexuality. That’s just you being gross.”
Does anyone else see the irony of Courtney defending the honor of women who dress up in the costume of a character who was kidnapped and forced into slavery by an alien womanizer? The costume that said alien womanizer forced her to wear for his enjoyment? 
I think Courtney’s anger is misplaced, and the reality is that some feminists can’t come to grips with the fact that those women freely and gleefully chose to wear that outfit…an outfit that was intended to titillate. 

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07/19/2012 6:18PM
BJ'S BLOG 07/19/12 "Objectifying"
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07/19/2012 6:39PM
as a woman...
this doesn't offend me at all. I mean, a woman who goes out in public, half naked, dressed in costume WANTS the attention. And if she doesn't she should keep the costumes in the bedroom.
07/19/2012 7:24PM
only ugly girls are feminists. nuff said.
07/19/2012 7:24PM
This is why "Feminism" infuriates me
Above commenter has it right. I think that a lot of feminists hurt their own cause by getting butthurt about things that are either A) none of their business, or B) meant in a complementary way. By and large, I think everyone with a brain agrees that inequality is wrong, but 95% of feminists seem to think that placing women ABOVE men is okay. If you constantly knock men for being men, aren't you being a misandrist, and therefore being a hypocrite? Fun Fact: The reason why that word looks unfamiliar is because no one knows it exists: it's the reversal of misogyny, or sexism against men, which many "feminists" have absolutely no problem expressing. Girls like her are the reason there are so many anti-feminist people - you make yourself and your position look foolish. This is coming from a geeky woman who cosplays, but also has a husband who respects her, because she respects him too.
07/19/2012 7:45PM
If women did NOT want to be objectified, they would dress like nuns....not sluts
07/19/2012 10:14PM
destroying freedom...
So sad when self appointed nanny's co-op a woman's freewill and choice, the very same thing they lambast men for.... Just because those women are not in locked goose step with their particular views and agenda...
07/20/2012 12:21AM
She is making a point on something that was never spoken (or tweeted) by Simon; she is claiming that he said they are there just for his pleasure. He said nothing of the sort, he just mentioned that he had a thing for them. That is the exact same thingas claiming that I have a thing for redheads or tall women, then suggesting that tall women and redheads are on this earth solely to please me. Please Courtney, have a valid point before you start spouting off about sh*t that never happened.
07/20/2012 11:33AM
This Courtney chick took something that shouldn't have been more then a comical compliment and blew it out of context, and basically used it as an excuse to call someone else a "woman hater." I do want to say one thing, in case Simon Pegg is reading this. She DOES NOT represent all female cosplayers. I'm a female cosplayer, I've done the skimpy costumes, and Simon.. You can go Homer Simpson on me anytime dear. ;D
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