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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 07/19/13 "Round of Golf"

Earlier this week, we received a text at 77999 from a Rock-A-Holic name George.

He explained that the other day his buddy invited him out for a round of golf at Chambers Bay. Half way through playing, he finds out that it wasn’t free and he owed over $200!

 He ended up paying for it but he still hadn’t even told his wife. George was pissed off at his friend and even asked him to pay him back for it but his buddy just laughed at him.

George couldn’t understand why his friend wouldn’t tell him they were going somewhere that was that expensive and wanted to know if his friend owes him the money or not.

Situations like this make me feel like I really am getting older because this is simply a no brainer to me.

Whenever I am invited anywhere I always assume I am paying for my meal, ticket, or product.
I don’t know if George is a newbie golfer but if he’s been doing it for a while, he has to know that some courses are be expensive. Yeah, his buddy should have given him a heads up, but if he’s tight on cash he should have asked. 

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07/19/2013 9:36AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/19/13 "Round of Golf"
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07/19/2013 12:07PM
Totally agree
BJ is absolutely right on the money with this. Whenever my friends invite me out, unless otherwise specified by them. I automatically assume that I will be paying my own way. Even if my friend treated me with free tickets to a ball game, I still try to at least offer money for the tickets, after that I'll buy a few rounds of beers. Just remember: what comes around goes around. So if someone is nice to you, return the favor.
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