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BJ'S BLOG 07/22/14 "Baby in the Pit?!"

Here’s another Terminal Case of Stupid, gang…
30-year-old Megan Christopherson has been in the news lately, and it’s not because she’s contributing positively to society.
Megan brought her 4-month-old daughter to a Brad Paisley concert, and was completely shocked and outraged when police wouldn’t let her bring the baby (and her other, slightly-older daughter) into the pit!
Police asked her to leave the pit, pointing out the obvious risks to the well-being of her children. She claims that they made her leave for breast-feeding, which she had apparently been asked to stop earlier during the event.
Megan posted video of the incident and tried to claim police harassed her, but the recording does nothing but show how patient and polite they were. Unbelievably, they had to repeatedly explain how her actions were bordering on child endangerment – exposing tiny eardrums to loud music, not to mention the potential physical harm of having the kids in a tightly-populated group of excited fans.
Megan’s arguments were outrageously stupid, but even worse - she has apparently done this before! I don’t know why I’m shocked, but this one just makes me mad. Megan left the show, rejecting the very kind offer of proper seats located further back, but she ran to YouTube to make her case against the police and concert security. Sadly, this has become national news, but Brad Paisley himself has publicly confirmed that he’s in complete support of the police officers’ decision, because bringing young kids to a concert like that is just a bad idea.
The entire video is posted below, so take a look, and let me know what you think of this mother’s judgment!


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07/22/2014 7:22AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/22/14 "Baby in the Pit?!"
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07/22/2014 9:09AM
Baby's have no business in the pit, or other places.
Good Morning, BJ. I heard about this story on yesterdays show. I agree that baby's/children at such a young age, don't belong in the pit of a concert! Reason being is the decibel level is dangerous to a child's hearing. This brings a personal experience to mind. I work in a kitchen and we had a staff meeting the other night. I noticed that a few of co-workers had brought their kids to said meeting, Now, we have a lot of dangerous items in our kitchen i.e. knives, moving tables, vegetable slicers, and cleaning chemicals. The kitchen, much like a concert pit, is not a safe place for young kids to be in. My point being, these parents need to get a sitter.
07/22/2014 11:25AM
This woman is beyond clueless, kudos to the staff and police for helping avoid a potential disaster.
07/22/2014 11:41AM
I cannot believe believe how stupid this chic is. It is nice of her to record the whole thing so she can incriminate herself even more by showing the world that she has no idea how to take care of her kids or how to keep them safe.
07/22/2014 12:05PM
I betcha...
...that the father of the children didn't even know about her doing this. She probably collects money from him in one form or another then spends it on a concert and not on a sitter. What a terrible model for those children.
07/22/2014 12:10PM
I am Sure Your Husband is Okay with this too!
Really? First, you ARE endangering your children's hearing. Get real, you have no business having kids if that is the way you are going to raise them. Second, where is your husband? If we was home he would have watched the baby. No, your husband is serving his country, probably on deployment.... what a wonderful way to honor his sacrifice by taking your brood to the concert. I was in the military and had a cheating spouse, people like this woman completely disgust me.
07/22/2014 1:06PM
She could have taken the seats in the other area if she was so upset about her other daughter not seeing the show. I know they have areas that wouldn't have been down in the "PIT" and would have been a lot safer for both her kids but as you can see she still wants to be a teenager. I took my 11 year old to a concert and had her use ear plugs in the Key Arena and we were up in high level, but I didn't want her to have problem with her ears later on. If her husband was not in area they have tons of spouses that do a trade off of childcare with in the unit so you can bring your oldest out and not have to worry about your baby getting being out late.
07/22/2014 2:57PM
Oh please
I am so disappointed in you BJ! I cannot beleive everyone on here either! Yes its proabaly not a good idea to have a small baby in that area. But this is America and thats her choice. The venue does not have anything posted say I you cannot do that. What angers me most is the arrogance of the officer. He never called the DA! What a bogus empty threat! And then to threaten her with CPS because shes asking all the right questions is absurd! And then in top of that to refuse the badge #s unless she gave her info to be reported to CPS is also wrong! He doesnt get a choice in that matter! There are so many things wrong with this picture! Im not standinguup for her but I am standing up for her rights to mother how she sees fit. Ive seen many children in situations that are dangerous in my eyes and not in others. Outdoor concerts are filled with children and there is always a trample risk. And just how many people have been trampled at this venue that he's so concerned?? I think it all started with the first incident when she was asked to stop breastfeeding. She didnt and they didnt like that. Btw if u took a picture of me up close breastfeeding my baby, you wouldnt have a phone anymore. My rant is over. Im sure lots wont agree and will have something to say. Go for it. Thats why I love my country. Where were supposed to be free to say and do what we want, as long as others dont dissaprove of course
07/22/2014 3:56PM
What an idiot
Thank you mom for not being an idiot. It is a parents job to protect their children, not use them as leverage to get what they want. 'I want proof that this is going to damage her ears!' What an idiot. You get that proof when your child can no longer hear. That's your proof... a deaf child, that's what you want? Idiot. And country music sucks anyway!
07/22/2014 8:02PM
Mom of the year!!
Wow…Mom of the year! She is truly lucky that CPS did not get involved after she posted this video as she admitted to endangering her children. Her FB profile pic is her breast-feeding her baby.
07/23/2014 7:34AM
RE: Mom of the year!!
I agree! I think those kids should have been taken away. Just because she's a mom doesn't mean she gets to do whatever she wants to do. -
07/28/2014 7:14AM
RE: Oh Please
I'm not sure how you missed the important info of all this. It is illegal to have an infant that close to a live music show's speakers. Again, it's illegal! To be clear... It's illegal! Now, if you think it shouldn't be illegal. Then start a petition to get an initiative put on the next election's ballot. That's how the American way works. I also think the officer was very compassionate, because he could've arrested her & started a "child care" process that would've caused the mom all kinds of deserved problems. Why? Because it's illegal to have an infant that close to a live music show's speakers. Hopefully this clears things up. Thanks for listening, -BJ
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