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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 07/24/13 "Fantasies"

Earlier this week on the show, we received a text from a Rock-A-Holic named Jennifer who needed some advice.

She has been having dreams about her having sex with a co-worker and even though it’s just fantasies, she feels as guilty as if she was cheating on her boyfriend.  

Her girlfriends say that everyone does it, that is not a big deal so she shouldn’t feel like she’s cheating but Jennifer wanted to get our opinion on it.

I know as men; we can fantasize about a woman and have it be that, a fantasy. We are allowed to think about what we want when we are having our own “private time” and that is not anyone’s business to know or judge.

As long as Jennifer doesn’t cross the line over to anything physical or emotional with this coworker she is fine. Now the reason I bring up the emotional aspect is because some women are more likely to emotionally cheat than physically cheat because the positive attention of a man is worth more in their eyes.

Most men just like the physical component so I think a woman getting emotional stimulated by another man is just as bad as a man having sex with another woman, because they both get the same pleasure from it! 

As long as Jennifer keeps the separation between fantasy and action, she shouldn’t feel guilty.

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07/24/2013 8:18AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/24/13 "Fantasies"
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08/06/2013 12:28PM
Usually when a man or a woman start to fantasize about other people it means that their home life has lost a little spice. Sounds like they need some home role playing or something or the sexual attraction is starting to get lost.
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