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BJ'S BLOG 07/25/12 "30 Kids"

Yesterday on the show, I read a story about a man and the amount of kids he has that really got under my skin. 
Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old from Tennessee has made the news when he went to court asking the judge for him to give him a break with his child support payments to…HIS 30 KIDS! 
He has 30 babies with 11 different women. On two occasions, he had four babies in one year. 
This isn’t the first time he has been in the news; back in 2009, when he only had 21 babies with the 11 women, he promised the courts he would stop having kids but has since made 9 more in those three years! 
On top of all that, he works a minimum wage which limits his payments to as little at $1.49 among some of the women. 
Sadly, there is currently nothing that the state can do to limit him from having more children. 
Since we know that Desmond isn’t properly providing for each one of his kids, we can assume that any woman who would have a kid with this irresponsible loser must not be doing a whole lot to contribute to society and are living on welfare. 
All I have to say is thank you Democrats! This is your system that is clearly not working! 
If the government wants to make American citizens pay for people like this, then we should have a say in what they can do! 
These people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents. I would much rather have our tax money pay for the vasectomy/ tubal ligation and for the foster homes for the kids instead of having them run around doing what they keep doing. 

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07/25/2012 9:30AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/25/12 "30 Kids"
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07/25/2012 1:43PM
Stupid Dude!
Out to be fixed like we do with dogs and cats!
07/25/2012 2:20PM
Agreed BJ
This is the biggest problem in society and it really ticks me off the state allows this to happen too. These kids are the ones that end up being drug addicts in jail that are on welfare that pump out a bunch of kids themselves. The hardworking segment of society has to bail these f'ers out because they have no sense of responsibility and an unwavering sense of entitlement. And for the record, this is undoubtedly a racial and cultural phenomena. Vicky B mentioned that her Latino relatives were shocked she hasn't had kids and I respect her responsibility and drive to have a career that will allow her to provide for children down the road. If you are receiving tax money, then WE are your boss, and we say that you can't make any more clones of your pathetic self until you don't need to sponge off our safety net. Democrats seem to think the middle/upper class just have an endless pit of money that we can just keep giving and giving to the leeches at the bottom that put themselves in their bad situations.
07/25/2012 2:27PM
Way to point the finger at the wrong person
Every cent given to welfare mothers and their children is nothing compared to all the corporate welfare that is given to millionaires by republicans. By your statement about democrats then you can say the bank and mortgage disaster is a result of the republican system. This guy is stupid and ignorant just like you.
07/25/2012 3:27PM
Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot, I'm not on either side of the political spectrum, but it's obvious that the left has caused a continuous cycle of welfare. You can go back generations and find the same family's still in welfare! As a tax payer and provider for these family's I want reform! I want my EARNED money going to something else to prevent generational cycles on welfare
07/25/2012 3:39PM
Blame the guy, AND the mothers!!!!
Why is he getting all the attention?? What about the women, who spread their legs and keep popping this guy's kids out?? Seriously??! THEY need to be held accountable just as much as he does. THEY have the right to use birth control, THEY have the right to say no, THEY are using the system just as much as he is. I say, up his child support payments. He's staying at a minimum wage job, because what motivation does he have to work harder at this point? When he can't make the payments, throw him in jail, like I've seen happen to better men than this douche. I promise his welfare receiving "Baby Mommas" aren't going to miss their $1.47 a month. And he won't be able to make any more babies with "Bubba" making him the new prison hoe. Then keep an eye on what the mothers are doing. Take the kids if they're not taken care of. No one WANTS to see a child put into the foster system, but seriously, it can't be much worse than being one these "breeder's" kids.
07/25/2012 4:42PM
How is this representative of the welfare beneficiaries?
Yes this case is great to make a fuss on your talk show. But is this extreme case representative of the welfare beneficiaries? I mean, how many people on welfare have say more than 10 children in the US? Actually in 2011 official data, the average number of children in a family receiving welfare (Temporary ) is less than 2 (1.8 Mio families, 3.3 Mio children). Check the US Department of Health and Human Services if you don't believe it: That's not even enough to maintain the population (2.1 is the minim child per woman for sustenance - ) Yes, this guy with 30 children is outrageous. Is it a reason to penalize the other 1.8 Mio families needing welfare? What to do with this guy is however an interesting a difficult question. BJ you are calling for this person to be operated to stop him to procreate as criminal?, degenerate?, feeble-minded?, and weak?. But how do you set the line between this and Where can we draw the line on eugenics?
07/26/2012 9:08AM
Things that make you go hmmmm...
Did you seriously just blame a political party for this man having 30 kids? Really??
07/27/2012 2:09PM
Amen Bj!
You said it! I agree totally and all the crazy people saying stuff...your probably on some program too and we are all paying for you!
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