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BJ'S BLOG 07/27/12 "Stacy Ankerfelt"

A few days ago, a Rock-A-Holic named Brandy reached out to us looking for some help for her cousin. 
Brandy’s cousin is the Auburn woman, Stacy Ankerfelt, who was hit by a car and was in critical condition in the hospital. 
Earlier this week, Steve reported that the man who was driving the car that struck Stacy has been charged with vehicular assault.  
When the police arrived at the scene, they reported that 20-year-old Samuel Cruz appeared to be under the influence of something. He admitted that he takes a drug called Suboxone for opiate dependency.
One rock-A-Holic texted in saying that Suboxone won’t mess you up unless you abuse it. 
It is really lame and sad to see people, who have a history of substance abuse, being allowed to hurt innocent law abiding citizens. It’s all because of how bad our system is right now! 
Our politicians are seriously screwing us over. While Obama and Romney are out spending millions of dollars trying to get a job that only pays thousands, poor Stacy is a 5th grade teacher who hasn’t done anything wrong and is in the hospital in critical condition because nothing is being done to regulate these idiots. 
We are letting them be in charge of regulating themselves when they shouldn’t have free will or have the same rights as the rest of us. That is something that needs to be changed. 
We don’t let 13-years-olds drive because we know they can’t handle it so why would be let someone who we know can’t regulate their drug usage as well? 
Once you’ve severely broken the law because of drugs and/or alcohol and until you can prove that you can really take care of yourself, you shouldn’t be allowed to roam around freely. 
If anyone would like to donate to help our Stacey with her medical bills, you can do so here: bills:

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07/27/2012 8:19AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/27/12 "Stacy Ankerfelt"
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07/27/2012 11:28AM
Marsette Moore
I have known Stacey Ankerfelt since she was born. I am a close friend of her parents.It is sad and disheartening. If his medication messed him up so much, why was he allowed to be in a car???? I have a son the same age as Stacey they grew uo together ,itreally hits home.Stacey is a wonderful human being.
04/22/2015 10:21PM
im sorry im a student at scenic hill
06/01/2015 4:02PM
I personally know for a fact that Marsette drives under the influence of alcohol on a daily basis and she is lucky she hasn't seriously injured or killed someone.
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