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BJ'S BLOG 07/30/13 "Dating a Former Teacher"

Yesterday on the show, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Janet who is sick to her stomach because of who her son is dating.

Janet’s son is 19-years-old and she knows she can’t stop him from dating but he is dating his former high school teacher.

He graduated from high school a year ago and swears that nothing happened while he was in school. It all started when they saw each other at the movie theatre and after they talked for a while, they hit it off.  

She doesn’t have a problem with the age difference (she is 25-years-old) but with the fact that it is morally wrong to date a former student.

I don’t see how this is morally wrong; they are both consenting adults and he is no longer a student. 

I appreciate that Janet wrote in to get some advice but if I was her husband in this situation, I would tell her that she overreacting. Women have no problem telling men they are being irrational and I don’t think we have enough men pulling their women aside and telling them the same thing when they are acting in kind. I think it should go both ways and be fair. 

If they had a fling while he was still a student, then it would be a problem because it is illegal because, due to her position of power.

Steve the Producer brought up the point that maybe she is worried about what her friends and peers will say when they find out. Personally, I hate talking to my peers about kids.  Some people seem to value their self worth by how well their kids are doing! All I care about is if my kids are happy and healthy; people should judge me for me! Not by the actions of my kids.

Janet needs to step back and let her son make his decisions and if it works out with this woman then great, if not, he can chalk it up it’s just another life experience.

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07/30/2013 9:53AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/30/13 "Dating a Former Teacher"
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07/30/2013 1:10PM
I read this and hear Van Halens hot for teacher. Beside a great story to tell your kids if they get married. Or the guys at the bar if they don't.
07/30/2013 10:02PM
All I want to know is...
Why would anyone want to date a 19 year old boy who is over 19? I remember 19 year old boys... *shudders* Otherwise... it's not a big deal.
08/06/2013 12:02PM
Two consenting adults, Mom step back and let him make his own mistakes in life, how else is he gonna learn from them. Or you might end up with a professional Daughter in Law that makes enough money to take care of your kid
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