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BJ'S BLOG 07/31/13 "Paying for Brest Implants"

During Group Therapy yesterday, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Larry who was upset over something his girlfriend wanted to wear.  

Larry and his girlfriend have been together for almost three years; she is 25 years-old and he is 30. The problem is, she will be going to a company party at a lake and she wants to wear a bikini.

He explains that she works with 50 male coworkers and there are only three other women and none of them are attractive enough to wear a bikini. His girlfriend would be the only one getting attention and he doesn’t want all these guys looking at what he “spent good money on” which would be her breast implants!

She thinks he’s being too controlling but Larry says he trusts her but not these guys who will probably be drinking and doesn’t see why she can’t just wear shorts and a tee shirt.

First off, I think Larry was acting dumb when he paid for her boob job. Secondly, I am always suspicious of any woman who wants to get a breast implants. If I was dating a woman who even said that she wanted new boobs I would immediately be out.

Yes women dye their hair and wear make up to look good but to me, breasts are a sexual thing!
Before we had this technology, women had to like themselves for how they were but now they go under the knife to change anything about their looks to the point where it becomes a sickness. 

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07/31/2013 9:39AM
BJ'S BLOG 07/31/13 "Paying for Brest Implants"
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08/06/2013 12:11PM
surgery and self esteem
Just maybe she was fat and had no boobs with extremely low self esteem and now she's Fit and has boobs and isn't afraid to show what she's got. Why the hell is this guy with her if he doesn't trust her, just by saying this, he's afraid that he's going to lose her. Grow a sack man. Every guy wants the girl that all the guys look at, be proud of her, show her off.
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