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BJ'S BLOG 08/01/13 "Miserable People"

During Group Therapy yesterday, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic, who went by the name “Kate” to protect her identity; and once you read her situation, you’ll know why. 

She works in customer service and had to deal with a coworker that was condescending and never nice to her. The reason she doesn’t have to any more is because after a difficult day of dealing with this coworker, she decided to have a few drinks which lead her to writing an email that got this woman fired! “Kate” logged in to their corporate website and sent an email pretending to be an angry customer this coworker had helped. In the email she wrote that the coworker had a terrible attitude, gave bad customer service and that she would never return to the establishment again. 

After receiving this fake email, the general manager came in and fired the “terrible coworker.” “Kate” feels horrible but knows that if she confesses, she might get fired as well! She needed advice on what to do.

This is something that hits really close to home because something very similar happened to me and I was the one left without a job. 

I can’t believe or understand why people would go and do something like this; it is the type of response that is just beyond me. Yes the coworker wasn’t probably the best to work with but the punishment did not fit the crime… “Kate” killed her career! 

Not only did “Kate” cause ridiculous amounts of stress to this woman’s life but also to the higher ups in the company! 

If you’re the kind of person who would write an email like this after “a couple of drinks”, I’m thinking that you’re the “condescending and never nice” coworker.

Good people don’t respond this way! That is the problem with the country; we let our ethics get so compromised because things are not going the way we want and then do things that are really out of line!

People who have done something like “Kate” did deserve to be treated the same way. If she doesn’t own up to this and take accountability, it will come back to bite her! Someone is going to treat her miserably because miserable people like her do miserable things and have miserable things happen back to them. 

08/01/2013 6:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/01/13 "Miserable People"
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08/01/2013 1:20PM
What a...
Kunt azz biatch!
08/01/2013 3:49PM
Kate, sorry but you're a biatch
Hopefully Kate's career will end soon too. Just because you don't like someone at work doesn't mean you have the right to ruin someones career, especially in this economy. It's no different than the women who doesn't get what she wants and then yells sexual harassment. What Kate did is actually worse than her "offender". Shame on the company as well for basing such a big decision off of an email that they didn't follow up with. Kate better fess up, it's the only redeeming thing she could do, let them fire her and bring back the other person. Better yet that women should should sue the company and Kate. Wait! What kind of company fires someone based on an email of hearsay!!?? Maybe she shouldn't work there after all.
08/01/2013 4:57PM
"Kate" ~ OWN UP and next time TALK to the person
The issue isn't "Who is the 'terrible coworker'?" The issue is A LACK OF COMMUNICATION. Email is THE WRONG WAY to communicate sensitive matters. Kate might have summoned the courage to ASK her co-worker what the reasons for the poor treatment were. I agree with you BJ. What Kate did WAS wrong, and IS typical of so many people in our world. I hope many of this persuasion read this blog and have a "come to Jesus" moment with themselves.
08/01/2013 5:45PM
Problem: Women in the Workplace
Let's call out the real problem; most women suck at being professional in the workplace. Granted, there are notable exceptions, but the ones who do well are the ones who think logically, follow-through with their requirements, contribute, and don't add drama. In short, they act like men. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a woman complain about "that woman" at work that she just can't stand. There always has to be at least one. It's as if they seek out drama and conflict to fill some emotional need. My guess? Odds are excellent that both of these women were c*&!s. That's not a firing offense, but they certainly should have been relegated to opposite ends of the office. Even so, that likely wouldn't have solved the issue, since most women are unable to keep emotion out of the equation--just like they're incapable of seeing cause and effect (i.e., if I email a complaint, that will reflect negatively on the other person, which could cause their dismissal, thus placing them in financial jeopardy).
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