BJ Shea

 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 08/14/13 "Buck Up"

Earlier this week on the show, we read a text we received at 77999 from a Rock-A-Holic named AJ.

He texted in asking for our help; his best friend is getting married but the problem is AJ doesn’t like who his buddy is getting married to because she he thinks is “horrible”. According to him, she’s controlling, is constantly starting arguments, and he just doesn’t see them together for very long.

AJ wanted to know if he should put on a smiley face and go to the wedding or if he should tell him that he is not going because he thinks he’s making a huge mistake.

This is another example of what the sensitive new age movement has done. We no longer have men who buck up and do the things they need to do.

This is a successful paradigm for anyone. Whether you’re in business, the military, or anywhere there is a consensus of ideas, whatever gets decided on, even if it’s not your idea, you have to do it. That’s a part of being a strong man, is doing things you may not want to do, and the women in your life will appreciate it.

08/14/2013 7:51AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/14/13 "Buck Up"
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