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BJ'S BLOG 08/15/14 "The Five Dumbest Things Doctors Have Heard From Patients"

A new list details the five dumbest things doctors have heard from patients. Prepare to shake your heads along with me, my friends…
1. A young woman visited her doctor for an STD check. She only has one partner, but claims that everything should be perfectly safe, anyway. After all, he uses a condom every time, and makes sure to wash it after every use.
2. One doctor had to explain to a 27-year-old woman that her monthly bleeding was totally normal. You might think she’s simply naïve and uninformed…but this woman has two kids.
3. Another woman was asked by her friends why she was so nonchalant about losing her foot. She explained that she knew the situation was serious, and that surgery was inevitable, but she wasn’t worried. After all, she also knew that her foot would grow back.
4. A young couple was irate because their birth control pills weren’t getting the job done.  It turns out that the pills were negatively affecting the woman, so her boyfriend started taking them instead.
5. Finally, a doctor had to break the bad news that Band-Aids don’t actually treat any kind of illness or injury. This revelation was delivered to a woman who covered her body in bandages in an attempt to fight off the problems caused by her Type-2 diabetes.
We need more education in this country, and that’s a fact…but in these cases, I have to wonder if it would even make a difference.

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08/15/2014 9:19AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/15/14 "The Five Dumbest Things Doctors Have Heard From Patients"
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08/15/2014 11:47AM
Oh wow
You know what, I doubt it would make a difference bj...I think there has to be so much stupid to balance everything, though culling some of the population sounds more appealing everyday.
08/15/2014 12:43PM
Stupidity should hurt
This just makes me think of the meme going around Facebook: I'm not saying that we should kill all the stupid people, I think we just need to remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.
08/18/2014 6:22AM
What about the dumbest things a doctor can ask ? I went to my doctor one time and she has been my doctor for a long time. Knowing that my only family history is my deceased parents. So as we looked down the list she ask if there had been any change in my family history. I informed her no, they bare both still dead. Dan S
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