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BJ'S BLOG 08/16/12 "Friend's with Ex's"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read a text sent in by a Rock-A-Holic named Josh who was having some girl trouble. 
Recently, he let his ex girlfriend, who he’s become really good friends with, move into his place because she was having troubles at home. 
Josh still really likes her and doesn’t want to “do anything stupid in front of her.” The only problem is that he has a “friends with benefits”  who he has a lot of fun with and has been coming over most nights, but now isn’t sure if he should dump this new girl in hopes of getting back together with his ex. 
Josh is very much like me when I was younger. I had low self esteem and I did a lot of things that went against my own belief system just to stay with me wife. Luckily we worked very hard to make this relationship work out but I shouldn’t have betrayed myself in the process.  
The ex sounds like a real BLD (Bitches Love Drama) because not only was she having problems where she lived, but also because she seems to be using her ex boyfriend. She probably was the one that dumped him in the first place given how much Josh is pining over her.  
Here is what you need to do Josh, you need to kick her out, find a good buddy or therapist you can talk to, and get over your ex! 
What are you going to do if you’re living with her and she decides to bring a guy over and you already dumped your “friend with benefits”? 
Josh, you don’t need a relationship right now until you heal from the last one so live it up and have fun until you are ready to settle down. 

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08/16/2012 8:41AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/16/12 "Friend's with Ex's"
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08/16/2012 1:26PM
Cut and Run
I don't see how any involvement with his ex can result in anything good. If it's over, let it be over and move on. Don't be a clingy b*tch. It makes him look desperate and will be unattractive to women he may be interested in in the future.
08/16/2012 4:38PM
Here's the guarantee.
Keep the 'friends with benefits' going. If your ex starts to interfere with that (which she probably has,) kick her out. She wouldn't respect you at all for trying to 'win her back,' and in fact would ditch you the moment you said you wanted to try it again. Keep her as a friend and all, but you really need to add distance between yourselves very soon, if not immediately. Don't let her run your emotions!
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