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BJ'S BLOG 08/18/14 "Whistling"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders: 

By the time you read this, we will have been a week deep into a very dark place, a place void of laughter, quick-thinking, brilliant-funny, and sometimes heart-breaking emotions, with the loss of Robin Williams and his cast of characters, including Mork from Ork, sitting on his head in a chair, and John Keating, a professor taking a stodgy, aristocratic school of boys and helping them see the world differently by standing on his desk whistling the “1812 Overture” in 
Dead Poets Society.
Sometime around 1978, I was living on Beacon Hill in the fine aristocratic city of Boston. I have never been one to engage in an outpouring of vocal belly-busting laughter, but on one particular day (and for decades to come) Robin Williams was able to invoke that behavior in me. Then in 1989, he brought me to tears in theDead Poets Society as a professor bringing humanity and real learning to a brain-numbing line-stepping school. I know how that can be, having spent two years in such a place until I convinced my father I would get thrown out if he didn’t take me out. Good old dad decided I would indeed disgrace myself in private, so he figured it was better I do it in public, and I was released from those gates, and off to public school I went. Fifty years later I am still marching my own line-step and to my own beat. John Keating was that type of true Teacher. Mork from Ork, John Keating, and other memorable characters have left us, but fortunately for us all the memories remain.
People ask why such gifted people end their own lives--by drugs and alcohol in a slow death or more quickly. Personally, I think the powers-that-be do not always give great gifts and an unconquerable soul. The mind and heart are often veiled behind the gifts they give us. Emotionally, I am standing on my desk, whistling the “1812 Overture.”
Speaking of whistling, we also lost Lauren Bacall to a massive stroke this week at age 89. Lauren Bacall had the level of sophistication and sensuality I look for in every woman I have ever known. Just check out the film To Have and Have Not and the “whistling” exchange between the characters played by Bogart and Bacall. From the voice to face no one will take her place.
There is so much spinning around in my head right now, and this blog has only touched the surface. Our learning to lock-step in blind obedience starts in the first year of school. Somewhere, I hope there are a lot of students who, if not now, will someday stand on their desks on their own two feet. I'm going out now to do what I have been doing all my life: whistle into the wind and hope someone catches the tune.
I have no idea what we may find on the shores of Rambling Harbor this week, but join me there and give a listen..

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08/18/2014 11:27AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/18/14 "Whistling"
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08/19/2014 6:31AM
When I wrote the piece above,called " Whistling" I had not yet seen this short beautiful video. I want to share it here because in one minute it sums up how I believe Robin Williams felt and lived his life even through his battles and how we all should. Thank you for reading and for watching Dan Sanders
08/19/2014 6:37AM
Oh captain my captain
BJ; Robin Williams also invoked that true belly laugh in me in that amazing movie good morning Vietnam. I am 24 years old and I have followed Robin for pretty much my entire life. I have seen just about every movie he has been in and though I never had the privilege of seeing him in person I knew he was such a great individual (my limited vocabulary prevents me from fully conveying my thoughts and feelings toward his life and now passing but after reading this blog I felt it necessary to write in). I will truly miss his near perfect deep belly laugh jokes and I will always remember his legacy will never be forgotten in the movies he has made and the lives he has touched and inspired. Thank you for paying tribute to such a great person, Chad Arko Best Quote: "You are in more dire need of a **** job than any white man in history"
08/19/2014 7:54AM
REsponse to Oh Captian
Hi not to get picky about it but that is my blog and thank you for the comments ...Dan Sanders
08/24/2014 10:12AM
RE: Oh captain my captain
Sorry for the confusion, the blog was from guest blog writer, Dan Sanders. - VB
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