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BJ'S BLOG 08/20/12 "Dave Mustaine"

Last week, we talked about something dumb Megadeth’s front man, Dave Mustaine, said while on stage at a concert in Singapore.

Here is what he said:

"Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban," Mustaine said at a concert in Singapore last week. "So he's staging all of these murders, like the Fast and Furious thing down at the border and Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."
Dave later tried to clarify his statement in an interview by saying:

"In the heat of the moment, when you're on stage and you're talking, sometimes you're not as eloquent as you'd like to be."

"Larry Pratt, the head of Gun Owners of America, who's a highly respected person, said that if they would stage Fast and Furious, they would be capable of staging anything. It was all done to blame the second amendment. We'd be fools not to look at this. Our U.S. Border Patrol agents were killed. Like I said, I was just quoting Larry Pratt. That's it, bottom line."
This is what I can’t stand about some performers; they open their mouths and they don’t take don’t take accountability for what they said! He put it all on Larry Pratt!

The government does some pretty heinous things but when you run around spewing your mouth like this, you are going to taint whatever good message you might have. 

That’s the problem with conspiracy theorists, they will lie and/or say things without the proper information to back it up because they think their cause is just, but they are ultimately just as bad as the liars they are trying to expose. 

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08/20/2012 9:05AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/20/12 "Dave Mustaine"
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08/20/2012 11:13AM
The performing Monkeys ...
The performing Monkeys should just shut up and perform. They can have their own ideas, and vote as they want in their own personal life,but they should not use the stage as their personal bully pulpit. We are there to listen to the Music not half baked ideas. Want to get political? do it in a song, want to just talk , go on Fox,or msnbc or something, but keep in mind being a musician does not make one a political Scientist.
08/20/2012 11:43AM
ignorance is dangerous..maybe ol dave mustain should just shut his pie hole and play music...just my opinion..
08/20/2012 11:53AM
jesus christ you guys are ignorant...
it's just his opinion and apart from the 'staging' he is right in my opinion. Obama is doing far more harm than good and dave just said what he felt. Poorly, but don't trash talk him just for an opinion especially if he is wrong? Too much drama, and this has no reflection on him as an artist. Dave Mustaine is still one of my fav rocker!!!
08/20/2012 12:03PM
Elitist pricks!
You know why people are so indecisive today? Because they don't want to get over the head like Dave is here. Sorry he isn't great at pulling facts together, but at least he can speak his mind. Some of the elitist fucks here, man...
08/20/2012 12:31PM
dear mr. idiot
yes ignorance is dangerous... i would have to agree with the comment right after yours... the man has his right to an opinion... oh and if you payed attention while all that stuff was going on then you would know... its not a wrong opinion and Mr Shea i gotta ask. when providing sources become the blame game? if he is trying to clarify where he came to this conclusion then providing sources is just a way of saying "look here is where i got my information, see for yourself"
08/20/2012 12:33PM
Elitist? Wait, so you are saying it is a GOOD thing to speak your mind even if all of your facts are completely wrong? It isn't a good thing, Indecisive? No. If people don't want to get in over their heads,don't go spouting off about things you know nothing about. It would have been easy to complain about the president without going into weird conspiracy theories that have no merit. You talk like he is a victim or something. And then what a little b*tch to say he "was just quoting" someone else. The Pratt guy said the gov't is capable of staging anything, and then Dave goes and says the government DID stage Aurora and the Sikh shootings. How is that quoting a guy when the guy never actually said those things? That is like me seeing a married guy hitting on a girl and saying to a friend,well if he is doing that hes capable of anything,I bet he is cheating. And then my friend tells the guys wife that he is definitely banging multiple chicks and saying,hey man,I was just quoting someone else!
08/20/2012 1:22PM
Not staged!
The fast and furious ordeal was in fact NOT staged, but it was a HUGE blunder that Obama approved and will not fess up to. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get a firearm. Taking firearms away from law abiding gun owners will solve NOTHING!!! Make the punishment life in Prison if someone is caught with a stolen firearm. Do the same if a Felon is caught with one. Just do NOT support our rights being taken away! As for Dave Mustaine.... Think before you speak ! He is still one of the best at what he does. Stick to metal Dave.
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