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BJ'S BLOG 08/24/12 "An Ex's Wedding"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Lindsay who needed some advice.

Lindsay was invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and was excited to go until just a few days ago; the Maid of Honor sent her a message on Facebook uninviting her from the wedding and didn’t give her a reason why.

She was torn if she should still go to the wedding or not because she was excited to go and she had already spent money on a new dress and an expensive gift that is in the mail.

The reason she thinks she was uninvited is because a few weeks ago, she ran into the bride to be at the mall and all she could do was comment on the weight Lindsay has lost. She has lost 50 pounds since dating the fiancé and suspects that bride doesn’t want her there so she doesn’t draw any attention towards her.

At first I wanted to be annoyed at Lindsay for wanting to go to her ex’s wedding but then I found out that she was uninvited just days before the wedding after she already spent all this money for it.
I really believe that the bride is jealous of her weight loss and wants to make sure no one takes her spot light on her wedding day.

If the bride had a problem with her going because she is an ex-girlfriend then that’s totally reasonable, but then she shouldn’t have invited her in the first place!

It is crazy how some women treat their fellow women. If you are a woman and have female friends, then be their friend!  If you don’t like someone, don’t hang out and pretend to be their friend and you won’t have to worry about being embroiled in all this drama! #BLD

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08/24/2012 10:16AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/24/12 "An Ex's Wedding"
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08/24/2012 10:58AM
That is better than a petty bride and her c.u.nt mom taking her in-laws to be off the invitation and the groom being so p.ussy.whipped that he lets his fee-ahn-say stomp all over his own mother.
08/24/2012 10:59AM
Even if the reasoning was valid, if, as the bride, you ARE going to un-invite someone, have some backbone. Call them on the phone...yourself...and tell them. Having your maid of honor do it, and by facebook is a complete cop out. Pansy. How would shefeel if a boyfriend broke up with her via text. Same thing. This bride needs to get over herself and show a little respect toward others.
08/24/2012 2:48PM
Just a little logic...
Maybe Bridzilla should just put it in check and not be a Bit#h and treat the groom nice like he has some reason to be there instead of it being all about her?
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