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BJ'S BLOG 08/26/14 "My Partner Was Invited To Swing, But I Wasn't"

Hello again, fellow Rock-A-Holics! It’s always fantastic to see you, but why don’t you introduce me to your date? Wow, what a specimen you are! It’s lovely to meet you. Would you like to join us for some Group Therapy?
Today’s edition is a real doozy. We heard from Marissa, who recently found herself in an awkward and confusing situation. Marissa and her boyfriend were out with several friends, hitting the club to go dancing. As they were dancing, one of the other couples approached them and asked Marissa’s boyfriend if he would be interested in swinging with them!
Marissa is an open-minded young woman, so this request didn’t shake her up at all. Her boyfriend said he’d have to ask how she felt about the idea, but the other couple said that they didn’t want her to be involved.
Marissa was offended by the idea that she wasn’t chosen to be a part of this sexual escapade. This is a pretty natural reaction; we have a society that thrives on inclusion, and being excluded can lead to some pretty serious hurt feelings, especially in a situation as intimate as this.
The boyfriend thinks that she should just drop the whole thing. Personally, I don’t understand why a couple that’s so open-minded in their sexual thinking would assume that asking one-half of a couple to have sex with them wouldn’t have some dramatic repercussions.
Marissa wonders if she should ask the couple why they excluded her from their offer. What do you think, gang?

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08/26/2014 7:41AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/26/14 "My Partner Was Invited To Swing, But I Wasn't"
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08/26/2014 11:43AM
Get over it.
As long as her boyfriend doesn't participate, what is she worried about? People are entitled to their own opinions in what they find attractive, and to them, she isn't, plain and simple. It could be any number of reasons, but the fact that she even feels the need to stir up even more drama and ask them why they don't want to sleep with her too, is likely what turned them off - her personality. GET OVER IT.
08/26/2014 11:46AM
What others think about you is none of your business.
Who cares?
08/26/2014 12:02PM
Moral dilema.
Personally, I could never swing. HOWEVER, in order for swinging to work, both parties need to be okay with it. There is a lot of emotional baggage that comes with that, especially when the woman is left out. She wasn't invited, so now she is thinking to herself about why... Is she unattractive? Is there something else wrong with her? Trust me, that's not a can of worms you want to open. Plain and simple: If both parties aren't okay with it, then it's not swinging... it's CHEATING. And that is NEVER okay.
08/26/2014 12:18PM
08/26/2014 1:43PM
The couple that invited him are idiots.
You can't invite one half of a couple to swing. That's not how it works. The why doesn't matter, the fact is, if you know someone is in a relationship and you want to invite them to swing, you ask them BOTH, or you don't ask. Marissa's not the one at fault here, and hopefully the boyfriend turned them down flat, instead of trying to get "permission" from his girlfriend. The inviters are assholes.
08/26/2014 3:30PM
No Swing
That's all, simple, easy no questions. No swinging. Dan S
08/26/2014 3:54PM
Maybe they didn't want to swing?
What if, rather, the woman just wanted to be tag teamed as a part of a fantasy she has? They called it swinging but really it was just about a MMF threesome? She should get over it and move on either way, for whatever reason they didn't want her included and that's that. This isn't kindergarten where everyone gets a cookie.
08/27/2014 7:07AM
wing woman
Sound's like a gay guy.......with a real crafty..,,, "wingwoman"
08/29/2014 7:22AM
RE: The couple that invited him are idiots.
It was a douche thing to do but she needs to get over it because it will eat her up inside. -
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