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BJ'S BLOG 08/27/12 "Blind Spot?"

Last week during Group Therapy, we read an email from Rock-A-Holic Amber who had some information she didn’t know if she should share.

Amber works at a hotel on the weekends and during her shift a man came in she recognized with a quote “trampy looking chick” but couldn’t figure out who it was until he gave her his ID. It turns out this guy is the fiancé to one of her good friends and the woman he was with was not her friend.

They hadn’t met before so he didn’t know who Amber was but she knew for sure who he was.

Amber explained that her friend has been in love with this guy since high school (which was about 20 years ago) and have just brought a new baby into the picture and isn’t sure if she should warn her friend or stay out of it.

No offense to Amber but this friend of her sounds like a she doesn’t have her life in order. She pined after a guy for 20 years, had a child with her and doesn’t see that this guy is a scumbag.

I have one thing I’d like to bring up with this whole situation: According to Oprah, females are the smarter gender, so why is it that we see situations like this one where a woman is outsmarted by a guy? By the way, the guys that are doing the outsmarting are the dregs and least intelligent of us men and this fiancé bringing the “tramp” according to Amber is a fine example of this. 

Why is it that in the year 2012, that some women, who are so-called more socially evolved, continue to get fooled by the dumbest of us men. Is it possible that not all women are as smart as we’ve been told or maybe they have blind spots that they don’t want us to know about?

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08/27/2012 9:40AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/27/12 "Blind Spot?"
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08/27/2012 8:52PM
As men get blinded by our desire for sex, women get blinded by their desire for emotional attachment and attention. She feels like she's getting this - after all, her baby daddy is finally going to marry her after all these years! It must be meant to be! Blah blah blah. There are none so blind as those who WILL not see. She could see it if she was interested in her world not being a rosy as she dreams it is.
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