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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 08/28/12 "Men Loving Drama"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read a text we received via 77999 from a Rock-A-holic named Cody. 

He recently met this girl on Facebook and after hanging out and then fooling around with her, he’s decided he likes this girl. The only thing he doesn’t like is her boyfriend. 

She said that they’ve been together for two years and they live with each other but they are bored of each other and act more like friends. She’s stuck living with this guy because she has nowhere else to go. 

That’s what she says, but for all we know the boyfriend actually thinks they are in a committed, loving, and monogamous relationship and she’s the jerk cheating on him. 

This woman is essentially living off the teat of another person while going out and sleeping with other people…what a lovely individual.

Cody wasn’t sure if he should 1. Stick around until she dumps the other, 2. Walk away, or 3. “Hit it and quit it.” 

A Rock-A-Holic named Jacob called in saying that he should “hit it” and then tell the boyfriend what happened. This is really unsettling; the idea of creating drama has become more and more launched into a man’s consciousness. When did we become a gender that loves drama and who loves to start it? 

I want no drama in my life and given the chance, I will get out of any situation that involves it. 
What Cody needs to know is that even though he waits for her and puts up with the drama, it doesn’t mean that he will end up with this girl. One texter chimed in saying that he was in Cody’s shoes and decided to wait a year for a girl and she ended up getting engaged to the other guy. 

This is what happened to young men; they have been raised to be more sensitive and give more thought to things that don’t need it. 

This girl Cody is with sounds like a lazy person who doesn’t want to make her own way in life so she stays in a loveless, miserable relationship while complaining about her boyfriend. The only thing Cody is to her is excitement to keep her medicated from her own pain, so the best thing he could do is leave this whole situation and not look back. 

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08/28/2012 6:23AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/28/12 "Men Loving Drama"
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08/28/2012 7:08AM
Men loving drama
I think the whole world problem lays in what morals we teach our children! I am sick of hearing how rampant std's have become. Whether you believe in God or not the morals that the Bible teaches are good to live by. I have a young friend that kept sleeping with everything that wore a dress! The next thing I know he has herpes and his girlfriend is having a baby! He is only 19 yrs old. That is just bull! You guys are of a mature age and should be an example to your audience and stop acting like any sex is good! Its not!! Sex should be saved for marriage. Not because the is what is boring and right but because if we don't get a handle on our morals and how we act this world is going to be where everyone suffers from some sort of STD. Is that a world that you want your children and Grandchildren to live in? I don't either!
08/28/2012 11:43AM
Kick her to the side...
This woman deserves nothing.... He needs to man up and just walk away. But as a man, I feel sorry for the first boyfriend who may be clueless... What code to follow? HUmmmm I HATE drama... But I think I would let the guy know. He deserves better himself.
08/28/2012 1:07PM
Just Say No...
She's not worth the wait. Whats gonna happen when Cody becomes the "boyfriend out of boredom" and she's again financially unable to move on...She'll find another dingding to cry on. Cut your loses, brother and move on.
08/28/2012 8:15PM
Walk away!
No, RUN and don't look back. If she's doing it to him, she'll do it to you, too.
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