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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 08/27/13 "Annoying Ex"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, I read an email sent to me by a Rock-A-Holic named Jodi who was in need of some advice.

She explained that she is a single mother of a 5 year-old girl and has been divorced for 2 ½ years. Her ex still tries to get her into bed; the only problem is…he’s engaged to be married in a year!

Jodi wanted to know how she should handle it and if she should get his fiancé involved.
I have no tolerance for a man that is an imbecile with no boundaries and no honor. I don’t understand why a man would want to get married when he still intends to have sex with other women. There wouldn’t be an issue with me if he was single and was trying to rekindle something physical but he’s engaged to another woman!

Unfortunately this guy is still a part of her life because of their daughter but that being said, Jodi needs to make sure she’s firm with him and tell him that if he asks one more time that she will inform his fiancé.

Sometimes guys get the wrong impression because some women say things nicely and try to be polite but there is no room for “nice” here. No one should have to put up with something like this and it should end immediately. 

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08/27/2013 9:23AM
BJ'S BLOG 08/27/13 "Annoying Ex"
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