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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 09/05/13 "Missing the Curves"

Over the years we’ve received many messages for Group Therapy and some have been about people no longer being attracted to their partners because of a weight gain. Yesterday, I think it was the first time we received an email about someone being unhappy with their wife’s weight loss!

A Rock-A-Holic named Maury wrote in explaining that when he met his wife, she was stacked! She had a big chest and booty which he loved! Now she’s just a stick to him and he’s not attracted to her anymore.  He wanted to know if and how he can tell her that he misses her curvier figure.

I’ve learned that when it comes to telling some woman that you like how they used to be or if you want them to look differently, they’re going to take offence to it.

What I’m curious about is how we’re told by some women that we shouldn’t care about their physical appearance, it’s the inside that counts yet they put in so much effort into improving their outside…no matter how much we already like their looks.

There is a chance that Maury’s wife will be offended because he is saying his not happy about her current appearance but if men are not supposed to care about the way their wives or girlfriends look, neither should they.

A few Rock-A-Holic texted in saying that maybe she did it to look attractive to other people. If you’re a married woman, purposely trying to get the attention of others is emotional cheating and is just as bad as if a man were trying to physically cheat on their partner. All that should matter is if you are putting in the effort to try to look your best for your spouse, not what everyone else thinks.  

09/05/2013 9:57AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/05/13 "Missing the Curves"
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09/05/2013 11:11AM
Similar problem. Sort of.
I am 5'9" and weigh 180 lbs. I'm not obese by any means, but I do have some chub. My belly isn't the problem, it's my thighs and rear. I have recently dropped forty pounds, but my behind and thighs still fill out a pair of size 12s just snugly. I told my guy I was thinking about doing a squat challenge or something to reduce my thighs. He nearly cried, hugged me around my thighs, and yelled "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The man is nearly 21, yet he sounded like he was three. I will never again bring up the subject of losing weight again. Mackenzie D.
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