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BJ'S BLOG 09/09/13 "New Career"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Peter who didn’t know how to handle a situation dealing with his wife.  

His wife has a high paying real estate job she is really great at but she is unhappy with it and wants to quit. She wants to pursue a career in cooking; the problem is….she’s 45-years-old. He’s worried that she might be a little too old to be starting over but wanted our advice.
I wish I had a little more information about the situation like if she is the breadwinner of the family but one thing is for sure; if she wants to go into cooking thinking it will be “easier” she has to think again.

If she starts going to school, she will be starting from the bottom working entry level. Once she builds up and gets the knowledge and experience she needs to work some place great, she is going to be in her 50’s at least and by then, is she really going to want to work in the chaos that is a restaurant kitchen?
If this is something she is truly passionate about, and it’s not just a hobby, she should go work in a not so glamorous restaurant where they will pay her crap, have set recipes she can’t play with and I guarantee that she will realize that this is not for her. What 45-year-old who has a great career with great pay wants to put up with the hassle of being the low person on the totem pole?

That’s what we do to the interns here. If they can wake up everyone morning at 3am, work hard, and still are passionate about this job, then it’s meant for them, if not, they move on to something else.
She needs to take a long look at her life, her family, her passions, and her financial situation before taking this leap and Peter needs to remind her of these things.

09/10/2013 9:38AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/09/13 "New Career"
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09/10/2013 11:29AM
It is Never too Late
It is never too late to start. It can be too late to finish though. Being great at something (like Real Estate) does not insure a happy career life, nor a happy - although materially fruitful - personal life. If the concern is more about your lifestyle than her worthwhile, perhaps your selfishness is showing. Besides the fact that 45 is still considered young in many careers, she has plenty of time to explore, start and finish and start again - if she so desires - with or without you.
09/10/2013 12:09PM
More info.
I recommend she reads Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" for some insight into the nitty-gritty side of the restaurant business. It's not a glamorous gig.
09/10/2013 12:30PM
Wait for retirement
I agree with the comment above. Do read "Kitchen Confidential". My father was a chef, not a cook & my uncle is still a chef. No time for a personal life. Your feet hurt, you think everyone is a moron, you become a boozer, food is the lastthing u want to cook for your own family & it's a Mean Cut throat world Norhing like sales of homes!!! Play "Suzy Homemaker" on the weekend. Do not lose your income! Take a class or divorce if you're that bored with life.
09/10/2013 4:25PM
Open an online bakery
Open an online bakery. It's not the same as being a Chef but its a start and people I'm sure would love having fresh cookie mailed to them. This also allows the option of you keeping your old job while doing this.
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