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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 09/12/12 "Freeloader"

Yesterday during Group Therapy we read a Facebook message from a Rock-Holic named Mike who was having problems with his roommate.

His friend/ex co-worker has been unemployed for three years now but has had a few part time jobs before those companies went belly up.

The roommate’s unemployment ran out a year ago and a couple of months ago he stopped being able to afford his rent so he volunteered to move himself into Mike’s one bedroom apartment.

Mike doesn’t know what to do; he likes his privacy and he feels like he is being taking advantage of. This guy lives rent free, collects food stamps, and watches Mike’s cable for free. The other night when he got home, all he wanted to do was relax and watch a few games he recorded on the DVR but couldn’t because this guy was making way too much noise while sleeping! Mike can’t even sleep well due to this guy’s ridiculously loud snoring.

He’s not sure if he should kick him out now or wait a few more months.

Ever since men have been minimized in society and don’t have a say when it comes to raising children, women have taken over and coddled these kids and now we have situations like this one.

Someone needs to tell this freeloader that he is a lazy bum and he needs to get off his ass and find a new job otherwise he’s out of a place to stay; but because he was obviously coddled, he feels no shame in freeloading.

I believe that Mike was raised to be a people pleaser; he probably bends over backwards in situations where he really doesn’t have to. So the best advice for Mike and people with similar problems, just grow a pair and tell him to get out; it’s not his responsibility to take care of this guy. 

09/12/2012 9:03AM
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09/12/2012 11:42AM
Join the Military
These ppl need to just join the military. They obviously need to be trained on how to be men. The typical guys in this area are just flat our vaginas..
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