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BJ'S BLOG 09/20/12 "Adversity"

A school district in Cranston, Rhode Island has banned father-daughter dances because they say that it discriminates against kids with single mothers. 


The superintendent said that one single mother complained to the ACLU that her daughter wasn’t able to go to the dance and under Rhode Island state law,  that does classify as illegal discrimination. 

There have always been father-child activities and if a kid couldn’t bring their real father to attend, a uncle, grandfather, older brother, or even the mom would step in to take their place. It wasn’t made a big deal. 

If the girl was banned from the dance because she couldn’t bring a dad and tried to bring someone else, then that is wrong. Anyone should get to go to the dance that wants to go to the dance and if you have to bring someone else then that’s fine. They shouldn’t cancel the whole dance. As a father, if I were to go to one of these dances and see another child there with their mother or uncle, I’m not going to get upset because I am there for my kid.

What is wrong with this country; we are so unreasonable that we have to cancel everything! 

Dear America,

Do you know that adversity is a part of the human condition? Everyone’s adversity is different and getting through that adversity is what makes us stronger and is a natural part of life. 

Having parents come in and stopping every bit of pain that could ever happen to their child is not good for their human development and parents should not do that.

Yes some kids don’t have a father, some don’t have mothers…yes, it is a sad reality but other kids have sad things happen to them too; it’s all part of life and we all have to deal with it! 

So just because one parent complained that their child had to go through adversity, we should cancel something for everyone…that makes no sense and the kid is the one that is going to suffer in the end.

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09/20/2012 7:27AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/20/12 "Adversity"
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