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BJ'S BLOG 09/24/12 "Pets"

Last week we read a study about people and their pets that really annoyed me.

The results of The Harris Poll of 2,634 adults surveyed found that of dog owners were the most common of pet owners at two-thirds (67%) of the people has a dog and in second place were cat owners at 52%.

Over nine in ten pet owners (91%) say they actually consider their pet to be a member of their family!

Here are some other facts:

Half of pet owners (51%) say they frequently let their pet sleep in the bed with them.
Pets also get presents:  three in ten pet owners (31%) frequently purchase holiday presents for their pet, while another three in ten (31%) occasionally do so.  Additionally, just under one in five pet owners (18%) frequently buy their pet’s birthday presents and 22% do so occasionally.
People actually get their pets gifts and have parties for their birthdays so we posed the questions to the Rock-A-Holics what weird things have they’ve seen people do for their pets.

One Rock-A-Holic called in and said that his dogs didn’t like being alone so he just bought “service dog” vest for them online and he had no problem bringing them into any restaurant or store because of it.
People actually do this! They lie about having problems so they can bring their animals with them wherever they want. I understand if someone has a legitimate problem and needs the aid of one of these animals but I have dog allergies, so how fair is it for me to be uncomfortable because you just don’t want to be without your pet during lunch? 

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09/24/2012 10:32AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/24/12 "Pets"
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