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BJ'S BLOG 09/24/13 "Bad Words"

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be offended by a mass-market beverage, here comes a rude Vitamin Water bottle-top to ruin everyone’s day. Blake Loates of Edmonton, Alberta received a cap with the phrase “You Retard” – which Coca-Cola (the company that manufactures Vitamin Water) claims was an honest mistake. Coca-Cola says that some “cap quotes” for the Canadian market are half-English and half-French.
The dreaded “R word” means something rather mundane in French: essentially, it is defined as “late”. Loates didn’t take it that way, her outrage due in no small part to the fact that she has a sister who suffers from cerebral palsy and autism.
Here’s where my sympathy is challenged: The Loates family took to social media, airing their grievances, and shining a spotlight on the issues facing the younger Loates daughter as a means of identifying, and justifying, the family’s outrage.
Coca-Cola has apologized, but I can’t help thinking that this whole matter could have been solved without using a child with Cerebral Palsy and Autism as a poster child for your discontent. I’m not saying they have no right to be offended, but I do think that we are becoming a nation of hair-trigger outrage, and having outlets like Twitter and Facebook make it all far too easy.
We love our kids, and we will instinctively protect our families, but it’s always healthy to remember that not every problem requires a rallying of the local villagers. You don’t have to storm every castle with pitchforks and torches. Go to the source; find out what they’re willing to do in order to fix your problem…and THEN maybe you can riot.

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09/24/2013 7:55AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/24/13 "Bad Words"
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09/24/2013 11:52AM
because money
Money? I like money.
09/24/2013 11:59AM
No! Youre Wrong BJ!!
As a Red-blooded 'Murican, its our self-given right to raid the castle first then ask questions. That way we improve our chances of gaining something monetary regardless of the outcome. -The Keyboard Hero
09/24/2013 12:15PM
Actually in America you do not have the right to not be offended. Freedom of speech means you can what you want when you want. Was it in bad taste? Sure. But last time I check Coca-Cola is an American company. If you don't like ot then don'tbuy it.
09/24/2013 4:22PM
Read the constitution
The freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want whenever you want. Educate yourself. You are what's wrong with America
09/24/2013 4:52PM
Cry cry cry
It's all the population does now. Everybody gets offended and then has to get their revenge on that person. I can't think of one time where somebody said something offensive and people just said, "Oh yeah, ok, whatever. That's your deal, not mine." Every single time the public has to turn it into a witch hunt and destroy that person's life.
10/04/2013 7:57AM
RE: Cry cry cry
I think we need to learn to take accountability when something happens and then accept that apology. I don't think a lot of people have the ability to do either nowadays sadly. -
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