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BJ'S BLOG 09/25/12 "Voting"

As I get older and talk to the people who are in my age group (I am 52) I get so disappointed to see what they’re turning into. 

I’ve always been a little bit more youthful minded as well as a little more immature. Lately I’ve noticed my peers lecturing about everything, and do they sound old! 

One of my friends, who I have a great time with, goes on Facebook for his religious rants and it just annoying to see that go down.

 Same with everyone and their political Facebook posts; one person will post something and then their friends will shoot back with an argument and it’s never ending. 

In the year 2010, the population of people who were voting age in the United States was 235,809,266 yet only 90,682,968 or 37.8% actually voted. In 1960, it was 63.1%!

It is an utter failure of our political system to have this many people in this country don’t vote. I don’t blame the people because the system has become so cumbersome that the majority either don’t want to deal with it or can’t even figure it out. That’s a failure! People aren’t stupid, the system is! 

Our former intern, Annabelle, made a joke once when someone told her she should vote saying that she always votes for American Idol. It was a joke, but it’s also the sad truth.

If more people are voting for reality shows then they do for who’s running this country, that is a failure and every politician should be ashamed of themselves.

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09/25/2012 8:36AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/25/12 "Voting"
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09/25/2012 11:32AM
I'm 21 and able to vote for the president for the first time. However I was so disgusted with both parties and the methods they used to farm votes from the masses, special interest groups, and slavishly appealing to my demographic (college student, female) with "free" things. Honestly I don't know how you older people put up with this hysteria every four years. Sorry BJ, I think I will join the majority of the country and sit it out.
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