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BJ'S BLOG 09/27/12 "Biology VS Love "

Rock-A-Holic Kendra has been dating and sleeping with a guy for two months. A few days ago he told her that he’s not sure if he sees a future with her. 

The reason she emailed me is because she isn’t sure if she should keep sleeping with him in hopes that he may change his mind or just move on.

I believe Kendra has been failed by the women in her life whether it’s her aunts, mom, grandmas or what have you.  I have the guts to say this: the women who are in authority today as in the women in their 40’s and above are doing  horrible job mentoring  younger women about relationships.

It’s 2012; can we take a look at biology and how it affects the way people feel instead of depending on “romance” and “love.” 

Young women today are confused because they are told how they should behave and how relationships should work but their biology is telling them something different. 

We need to stop romanticizing marriage because news flash, it’s not romantic and the longer a marriage goes, the less “romantic” it is. 

My advice for Kendra and women who are in her situation is that it’s only been two months; it takes men much longer to develop feelings of love towards someone.

If she really likes him, she should just give it some time, enjoy his company and see where it goes from there. 

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09/27/2012 9:05AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/27/12 "Biology VS Love "
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09/27/2012 11:20AM
Totally stick with it
My husband and I started out as F buddies, and after a couple months the L word came into play, after 2 years we moved in together, 7 years later got married, just cause the process isn't as fast as you're hoping for doesn't mean you should give up, i'm glad my husband and I did it the way we did that way we made sure we truly knew each other before serious commitments were made because both of us come from famlies of multiple divorce we didn't wanna go the way our parents went.
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