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BJ'S BLOG 09/27/13 "Sex, a Business Transaction?"

“If you want quality work, call a professional.”
I think this is a pretty smart rule of thumb, America...but there’s one very specific set of “professionals” who will probably never join their local Chamber of Commerce (except in Nevada, maybe).
A Rock-A-Holic named Michelle has recently learned that her boyfriend – who, she admits, has a long list of spectacular traits – has “done business” with prostitutes on multiple occasions.  As you may have already guessed, Michelle is not exactly thrilled about this, and that’s what led her to Group Therapy.
I love it when women contact us for advice.  It reinforces my belief that we’re fair-minded when it comes to dealing out amateur psychological care to the masses. Sometimes, I do get frustrated with women who are shocked by the things that men do; it’s one thing to be genuinely innocent and naïve, but we both know that doesn’t apply to all of you, ladies.
Yes, I’m talking to you…and you…and you.
I’m not the only one who made this point, but go ahead and blame me, anyway: I don’t see a world of difference between paying a hooker, and picking up a stranger in a bar. You don’t have all the historical facts in either case, so it’s essentially the same STD crapshoot.
Guys really get the bad rap for their sexcapades, and I feel like I need to play defense for a minute: Is it the most terrible thing in the world for a man to drop a few dimes to have casual sex with a willing participant, without all the extra negotiation and effort that comes along with trying to find a little satisfaction in the “amateur” world?
Sometimes, I wonder if the argument against hookers is less about the risk, and more about the money. After all, the 100 bucks he spent for an hour of stress-free horizontal happiness could have been spent on a long, awkward first date with you…that ended with him going home alone.
Steve suggested that Michelle should dump her boyfriend based solely on the fact that he was dumb enough to confess to something that is far behind him. I have to show a little support for that one. Dumb move, dude.

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09/27/2013 8:03AM
BJ'S BLOG 09/27/13 "Sex, a Business Transaction?"
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09/27/2013 11:00AM
Last Call vs Hooker
I don't get why people think it's morally ok for a guy to lie to a woman until last call. Tell her any BS story he can come up with just to have sex with her an never call her again. Leave her crying by her cell phone that will never ring so she can post on Facebook about how all guys are assholes. How is that better than a hooker?
09/27/2013 12:33PM
How far is "past"
While I think Steve is correct that said BF should have just kept his trap shut, said cat is out of the bag. That being said, how far in the past is past? Should we always be judged for our past? Everyone has a history and when you are in a relationship and you have several "spectacular" qualities as noted, can one transgression ( or two) forever condemn you? ( Provided said transgressions are perverted or serious time in prison) Maybe said GF should come to term with S**T happened, and move on in the relationship and if she can't, then just move on. This isn't the BF you're looking for.....
10/04/2013 7:14AM
RE: Last Call vs Hooker
I agree with that; why break someone's heart if you don't have to? -
10/04/2013 7:17AM
RE: How far is "past"
Yeah, that guy was pretty dumb for telling her in the first place, but she always has a choice. If that is something she can't get past then she should move on. The thing is, I believe she needs to take a hard look at herself and her past because she might have some skeletons in her closet that haven't come out yet as well. -
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