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BJ'S BLOG 10/01/12 "Cyclists"

Last Friday before work, I almost got into an accident thanks to a careless bicyclist.

I work in the Capitol Hill/First Hill area and we have a lot of bike lanes and cyclists in this area which is something Mayor Mike McGinn loves having.

As I am about to take a right turn at a green light, I have to pay attention to the cross walk because that light also goes on and I want to make sure no one is stupid and decides to run across while wearing dark clothing at 6 AM. Well, as I’m turning, I see this tiny light out of the corner of my eye; as I turn over I see this light streaking down with no intention of stopping as it comes towards a red light. My instinct is to ram my brakes hoping no one hits me from behind. My thinking was if this guy zips past the red light, I’m going to hit him and because I’m in a car, he’s the one that’s going to get hurt if not killed.

This jerk flies all the way down and take a right turn without stopping but is wearing dark colored clothing so even if he was actually trying to signal, I couldn’t see it because he only has a tiny light to indicate that he is there.

If you are on a bike, especially coming up on a red light, you have stop then take your turn instead of blistering down the street and messing up traffic.

They need to make cyclists get a license plate and pay for tabs just like the rest of us on the road and they need to start penalizing the cyclists who break the rules!

Steve also came up with the idea of having them put a baseball card or something in the spokes of their bikes so that we can hear them coming. They also should be wearing bright reflective vests at the time, I can’t see them especially if they’re wearing dark clothes.

I don’t care what good “Mayor McShwinn” has done, I want him voted out because he is pro-bike and has only cost us more money and caused more headaches for the rest of us commuters.
He continues to validate the people who act like idiots while on the road on a two wheeled vehicle.

I am so sick of cyclists and I hate their excuse that they are better for the environment. That is bull because they make cars travel slower and muck up traffic making it actually worse for the environment. 

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10/01/2012 8:41AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/01/12 "Cyclists"
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10/01/2012 1:59PM
Baby wah wah
Ride a bike you fucking douche.
10/01/2012 2:24PM
Fair is fair
In Hawai'i cyclists do actually have to register their bikes and pay taxes at the DOL like others using the road. I think if we're spending taxpayer money on painting them designated lanes, they shld help contribute and be held accountable tothe same road SAFETY guidelines as motorists. If they wanna "share the road" they shld play by the same rules...
10/01/2012 2:47PM
Right on.
I remember 20 years ago when cyclists had to follow the same rules as pedestrians. Where did we go wrong? Several months ago a cyclist was struck and killed in Kirkland. The driver of the car got a ticket for an improper lane change. The family of the cyclist is now suing the driver in a wrongful death suit. Why do drivers have to foot all of the responsibility?
10/01/2012 3:08PM
I've said this for decades...but got booed every time
I agree with BJ, only it should be spread across the State of Washington, if not, across the nation. Bicyclists should be licensed (rider's license and plates) and required to take a safety class as well as enforced. This could pay for the cost of maintenance and building of bike lanes. I've seen too many bicyclists run red lights, stop signs, ride on the wrong side of the road, jump from road to sidewalk and then sidewalk to road, ride between cars, and even making turns without using hand signals to name a few. - That Guy Ty
10/01/2012 3:22PM
the truth
Cyclists actually have to follow the rules of the road. In Oklahoma, if you are not riding on a bike path in the same direction as traffic,stop at trafficlights, signal if you are turning, you can get fined. The OKCPD has given 10 year olds tickets, so Ithink seattle should fall in line.
10/01/2012 3:22PM
the truth
Cyclists actually have to follow the rules of the road. In Oklahoma, if you are not riding on a bike path in the same direction as traffic,stop at trafficlights, signal if you are turning, you can get fined. The OKCPD has given 10 year olds tickets, so Ithink seattle should fall in line.
10/01/2012 3:45PM
I have a bicycle and never ride it on the road. Too much traffic for me I go on trails thats it. Bicyclist need to follow the law of the vehicle. That is the rule.
10/01/2012 5:15PM
Pie is greater than Cake
Pie is greater than Cake damnit. If you don't agree you must be a cake eating cyclist douchecanary.
10/01/2012 5:20PM
Follow the rules... cars and bikes
DOOSH bag riders like this give all bicyclists a bad name. Unfortunately, it is a VERY high percentage of cyclists that break the rules - burning corners w/o stopping, riding on sidewalks, then switching to the road when it suits them, never signaling etc. I ride a bicycle around town alot, and see it all the time. Cops are too busy to bother to go chasing down bikes, so the cyclists get away with it more often. It boils down to following the rules of the road. BTW - since when is D-ouche considered profanity?
10/01/2012 9:20PM
F***en Cyclist
Yeah those turds do that up here too, even my girlfriend when we are on the road with our crosscountry bikes, she pisses me off. I told her some day someone like me is going to kill you, as you ignore your redlight and barrel through the intersection. What pisses me off even more is when there is a bke lane and they must ride four a breast and crowd me into the oncoming lane to pass them, as they bark obsenities for even passing... (jamb on brakes , take out two or three and only have one left to punch out??) Argg such A .. holes
10/01/2012 9:39PM
You're just a spoiled brat preaching to your choir of idiots.
The reason cars are licensed is because of the death and destruction they cause not because the license fees generated.'s_license#History And, btw, user fees and gas taxes don't come even close to covering the costs of the streets and highways cars use. Motor carriage = Big Fat Baby Carriage
10/02/2012 5:43AM
Road bikers give everyone a bad name.
This is why I stick to riding my mountain bike on a trail. I am not going to get killed by some road rage person. I'll kill myself on the trails. Thanks.
10/02/2012 7:35AM
Do like I do:
When you see a d-oucher riding on the road, roll down your window and yell something. It doesn't even have to be vulgar. Like "I HATE WHITEBREAD" or "YOUR KICK STANDS DOWN" just anything really. Eventually, if every Washington state driver does it all, the bicyclists will be too intimidated to be eco friendly and just get a god dam car. Also it helps to scare the *pee* out of them when you pass!
10/02/2012 8:18AM
MOM is planning my demize!
I bought my daughter a bike for Christmas 5 years ago. She has never ridden it. Why? When I brought it out she said, "What! Do you want me to get Killed?" "So what have I done to upset you this time!" NO JOKE!
10/04/2012 11:01AM
just a lost cause...
really quite tired of it myself.... Growing up in seattle in the 80s and 90s if you were on a bike and on the road YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD just like the cars and you DID get tickets for not following the laws... wonder what happened...
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