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BJ'S BLOG 10/02/12 "Political Marriages"

Yesterday we talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his recent interview on 60 minutes.

He was on there to talk about his new autobiography, "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,"

In the interview, he admitted to reporter Lesley Stahl that he had other affairs aside from the one with his housekeeper Mildred Baena which resulted in her having his child, but said that’s "something that's obviously between Maria and me."

The thing that bothered me about the interview was the disdain in Lesley Stahl’s voice; it sounded like she hated him for what he has done in his relationship.  

Is anyone actually shocked that a politician has a marriage of convenience?  Maria Shriver is a part of the Kennedy family which, let’s be honest, has been known for philandering.  Just the disdain given to Arnold because of the affairs seems unfair. Are we to believe that Maria Shriver didn’t ever do anything as well? 

Are we really to believe that politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton for example are staying together because the really love each other and not because it’s what America wants from them  even if they don’t want to be with each other anymore. 

I think this kind of thing happens because of the dumb people who need to believe in monogamy so politicians stay with people they probably don’t want to be with anymore and then when they get exposed like Arnold, they have to do interviews to make them look like bad guys and apologize to everyone. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an open marriage at some point and she was fine by it. They were together for 25 years; this had to have come up at some point. 

I just wish America would wake up and stop demanding that politicians have perfect marriages just because that is what they want to see. 

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10/02/2012 7:51AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/02/12 "Political Marriages"
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10/02/2012 10:03AM
John Cena
WWE great John Cena has died while trying to practice a new move. !!!!
10/02/2012 2:21PM
Wait, whoa, what?
& the dumb people who need to believe in monogamy like you and your wife ... and anyone who's ever enjoyed living "(pretty much) happily ever after" with their true love? I may be dumb but I'll die happily believing monogamy's the ticket ... sure like to think of my parents as in love with each other for life. (Not that kids are a concern of romantic love anymore ... I know, I'm really dumb about that too. =)
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