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BJ'S BLOG 10/04/13 "When Foot Met Mouth"

Rock-A-Holics, you’re never alone in Group Therapy!
Confession is good for the sole. Let’s start the heeling. We’re here for shoe, America!
I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself! I can almost never help myself when it comes to holding in those truly Rando thoughts that pop into my head sometimes. In my defense, it may have something to do with my job. It’s almost like they WANT me to say what I’m thinking!
(Most of the time, anyway)
Rock-A-Holic Michelle thinks she may have put her foot in her mouth, and she’s not sure what to do.
Michelle and her husband were walking their dogs when they passed the house of a female neighbor. Michelle has seen this woman before, but doesn’t really know her; although she apparently knew enough to ask this question out loud:
“Isn’t that where the tall, funny-looking woman lives?”
You know what happens next: The neighbor steps out of her garage at that exact moment, close enough to Michelle that she undoubtedly heard the question…and she doesn’t say hello.
What happens now? Michelle will definitely run into this woman again soon; they live in the same neighborhood. Michelle’s husband thinks she should apologize, and Michelle doesn’t disagree, but she wonders if her tiny joke really requires damage control. Michelle also hates the fact that the neighbor will always know what she said about her.
Let’s go back to the self-control issue I mentioned earlier: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said terrible or inappropriate things to someone, without a second thought. Most of those things were far worse than “skinny” or “weird-looking”, on the grand insult scale, but that’s my personal judgment talking.
This is about cause, not effect. Michelle doesn’t know how her words affected the neighbor, and she doesn’t really need to know. She should apologize for what she said, first and foremost; if there are bad feelings that need to be sorted out, the two ladies can get into those later.
Take your foot out of your mouth. Use it to take the first step.

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10/04/2013 6:42AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/04/13 "When Foot Met Mouth"
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10/04/2013 11:58AM
I agree.
Admitting you're wrong and owning up to a mistake is always hard, but it shows true character, that's for sure.
10/04/2013 12:19PM
Shows character, but...
I do agree that this situation should be resolved in one way or another, but what does one say? "I'm sorry I thought you were tall and funny-looking?" There wasn't a whole lot of insult there, and Michelle wasn't saying itwith ill-manner, she just picked the first (2) things that would clearly identify whom she was referring to.
10/04/2013 2:00PM
You were only joking, didn't mean what you said, and was trying to be funny for my husband. She didn't mean anything insulting by it and doesn't want to feel awkward. It is also a good way to possibly open up a relationship with someone new. You never know who someone may be in your life until you truly get to know them. May be the start of a long lasting friendship. Who knows. Then again, my philosophy for anything relating to what I say to people is this: if you don't like it, I probably don't like you.
10/09/2013 8:34AM
RE: I agree.
I can only imagine they would feel better if they get this mess cleared up but that's just me! :) -
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