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BJ'S BLOG 10/11/12 "Pre-Nups "

Last week, we received a text from a Rock-A-Holic named Joe who was having a problem with his fiancé. 

He loves her very much but he wants to get a pre-nup to cover his retirement and house in case things go south. 

His fiancé doesn’t like that idea because she says that if they know they want to be together forever, why get one in the first place? Her thinking is it is just setting up the marriage for failure. 

Joe just wants to make sure he’s covered in case anything happens; he wanted to know if he is in the right or just take his chance without one. 

We’ve talked about it on the show how pre-nups are very important for anyone getting married who is well off or has something worth value they wouldn’t want to lose.

There is no logic to the argument of not getting a pre-nup and the romance/success of a relationship. Any woman I’ve ever talked to who has tried to argue this with me has always had an emotional argument verses a logical one. 

A Rock-A-Holic named Tracy called in and made a great point. He told his wife before they got married that they were going to get a pre-nup and of course she said that he was already planning on their marriage failing. His response was that if things work out the pre-nup becomes invalid and he said that has made their relationship stronger. 

Marriage is not a romantic thing; it’s a business transaction. The government and paper work gets involved and should be treated and understood as such.

10/11/2012 8:42AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/11/12 "Pre-Nups "
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10/11/2012 11:18AM
They're a must
Couldn't agree more! You can tell them there can be clauses about cheating or other common problems in marriages. I buy car insurance, but I don't plan on crashing the car. This is the same thing as a prenup.
10/11/2012 2:09PM
He hasn't found the right woman
Keep looking.
10/11/2012 2:10PM
The Baby Bizness
& Marriage is not a romantic thing; it’s a business transaction. The government and paper work gets involved and should be treated and understood as such. The New World is so bleak it makes me ill.
10/12/2012 10:37AM
Another obvious answer
Well, duh, everyone knows, even women know, that the only reason to REFUSE to get a prenup is just in case you get sick of him or if you're one of those psychotic women who fake who they are up until the papers have been signed, then you can just leave and rape him for everything he's worth 'cause you have no soul. People have this problem where they don't see people as real people. Some people are like children, in the way that like, toddlers don't understand that other people have feelings and wants and needs and they make mistakes too. When they get mad at someone, they just see them as this cartoon villain who wants nothing more than to ruin her life. Men do it too, i dated a few. Beautiful women are guilty of it most often because in our society, we train girls to know that if they're pretty, they only need to learn how to fake emotions and manipulate people and they'll be set until they start to sag. Really makes you hate humanity, doesn't it?
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