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BJ'S BLOG 10/15/13 "Facebook Friends You Don't Like"

A new survey says 34% of people are Facebook friends with someone they don’t like.
Let me see if I can make this easy, America: Facebook is one of the biggest names in social media. If you were going to a “social” party in real life, would you have all of your conversations within earshot of someone you don’t like? Of course you wouldn’t.
So why would you do it on Facebook? The end result is pretty much the same. You’re giving this non-friend access to a chunk of your life; and depending on how much you use Facebook, that could be a very big chunk.
Sometimes, I think the simplest answers are the hardest to see. I know I’ve missed my fair share along the way, but this one’s a slam dunk:
Remember what social media really is, and ask yourself: “Would I act this way, say this thing, or show this picture, if I was at a party with my family, friends, and co-workers?”
Don’t be friends with people you don’t like.
It’s like the old joke:
A man tells his doctor, “It hurts when I go like this.”
The doctor says, “Then don’t go like that.”
You heard it here, America. It’s the best advice I can give you, but it suits so many different situations. Don’t go like that.

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10/15/2013 8:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/15/13 "Facebook Friends You Don't Like"
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10/15/2013 11:46AM
What about family?
I wonder how many of those people are stuck being Facebook friends with family they don't like. I don't like a whole portion of family that I'm friends with on Facebook, but if I unfriended them, they'd cause no end of drama. Solution: block their posts from showing up in my news feed.
10/15/2013 4:28PM
To person above me:
Also, perhaps create a custom group of people who you want to share certain stuff with, if you don't want everyone to see everything you say. Last thing anyone needs is grandma to know about the orgy they had last night, lol.
10/15/2013 8:41PM
Family Friends... Not!
Create a new profile adding only the friends you can be yourself around. Leave your family on the old. Best move I ever made.
10/24/2013 8:31AM
RE: What about family?
I do the same thing, I even block them from seeing my posts! haha -
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