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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 10/16/12 "Confessions"

Yesterday for Group Therapy, we read a text message sent to us by a Rock-A-Holic named Emma.

Emma and her husband are really good friends with another couple, but now are debating if they want to spend time with them because of something they found out. Last week, the wife confessed to her that she had cheated on her husband and now they don’t know what to do. 

Both she and her husband feel betrayed by this woman and they want to hang out this weekend. They don’t want to say anything to the husband and they know they would feel uncomfortable being in the same room as them knowing this information.   

This is the definition of #BLD! Who would drop a bomb that big on their friend like that? This is a horrible, game changing, friendship ruining situation this cheating woman has made.

I’ve said this before and I will keep saying it for as long as I have to but people really need therapists. Your friend is not the person you should unload giant burdens like this one onto. Sure you can always talk to your friends about issues your having but this is not something small that should be taken lightly.

That is the problem in this country; people are not getting the appropriate counsel for their issues. You need someone who is not your friend or family member that you can talk to because so many people are getting screwed over because of this.

Sometimes personal business is personal business and should be kept in the circle of the people it’s happening to and a counselor.
I have no problem if they had decided to have an open marriage or if there is an agreement that allows them to do things as long as they other person didn’t find out but this woman feels badly enough to come open up to Emma about it.

If you want to “confess your sins” go to a therapist or a priest because that is what they’re there for. 

10/16/2012 8:27AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/16/12 "Confessions"
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