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BJ'S BLOG 10/23/12 "Paying for Your Favor"

Yesterday we read a message from a Rock-A-Holic by the name of Fred.

The other night, his buddy got wasted so Fred drove his car because he hadn’t been drinking anything but ended up wrecking his car. 

The damage came to around $3500 but luckily Fred’s insurance will cover it all except the $1000 deductable which he doesn’t have the money to pay. 

He feels that his friend should be the one who pays the deductable or at least half because he was the reason he was driving the car in the first place. 

His friend says since Fred was driving, he should pay for everything. This obviously has caused a lot of tension between them and they wanted to know who was in the right. 

I find it bizarre when a friend does a favor for another friend at no charge and something gets damaged, then the friend who asked the favor wants the other friend to pay up. 

Some people mentioned that Fred should pay for have of the $1000 deductable but I’m not sure that’s fair because his insurance is going to pay $3500 already which is like Fred paying the money because he pays the insurance company every month for their services. 

He was doing his buddy a favor because he was too incapacitated, and he’s already covering for the majority of the damage so why should he have to pay even more? 

Bottom line: If you are so drunk that you let someone else use and break  your stuff…then who’s really the idiot? 

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10/23/2012 9:37AM
BJ'S BLOG 10//12 "Paying for Your Favor"
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10/25/2012 8:12PM
i never been in this situation because i was usually the one drunk but if this happened to my truck and my friend offered to pay for half that would be good enough for me. i would expect him to help pay for some of the damage since he was in possession of my vehicle but if it came down to it i wouldnt force him to pay because he was doing me a favor because of me not being able to drive myself.
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