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BJ'S BLOG 10/31/13 "Sexy Halloween!"

Happy Halloween, Rock-A-Holics! Don’t be afraid to stop by Group Therapy while you’re out trick-or-treating; I know you probably think we’ll be giving out dental floss, or psychology textbooks, but I promise we’ll do our best to give you something sweet.
Melissa reached out for some Halloween-related help: She and a friend were recently prepping their costumes for an upcoming party, when they spoke to another friend, who was planning to hit the party dressed like Dany from GAME OF THRONES (that’s the very attractive Mother of Dragons, played by Emelia Clarke). Needless to say, this is definitely a “sexy” costume.
Here’s where it gets awkward: The friend in question isn’t in very good shape at all, and Melissa isn’t sure if she should try to talk her out of wearing such a revealing outfit. There’s a lot of potential embarrassment at play here, and it isn’t limited to just the girl wearing the costume. It can be tricky to judge these situations without knowing the hard facts about all the people involved, so we’re going to rely on common sense in our judgment.
I know that guys have it easier when it comes to being “Doughy Superman” or “Hairy Harry Potter”; it’s a double standard, and it’s wrong, but we’re not here to solve that issue right now. Women are judged far more harshly in regards to their costumed sexiness, and that won’t change by the end of this blog…so it leaves us without a true black-and-white answer to Melissa’s dilemma.
The best advice I can give is this: Halloween is day of disguises and deceptions; it’s a time to step outside of your normal existence, and live in your own imagination for a few hours. If the friend is comfortable in her costume – regardless of her physical state – then more power to her. If Melissa isn’t comfortable with her friend’s decision, then a second Group Therapy session may be in order…because that’s a different problem altogether.

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10/31/2013 7:51AM
BJ'S BLOG 10/31/13 "Sexy Halloween!"
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messed up brother
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10/31/2013 9:10PM
My messed up brother from AKA:meth mountain granite falls
11/12/2013 7:24AM
RE: messed up brother
Chris, could you email me your info so we can contact you. Thanks! -
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