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BJ'S BLOG 11/04/11 "Phoenix Jones Out of Work"

Yesterday during Headlines and Sports, Steve reported that Seattle’s own superhero, Phoenix Jones had been fired from his job of teaching life skills to autistic children.

The Department of Social and Health Services told Phoenix Jones that he could no longer work with vulnerable children because of his arrest last month on suspicion of assault. He still has not been charged and the case is still before the city attorney.

I do feel bad for Phoenix Jones. He goes out at night to protect the streets on Seattle and during the day he helped autistic kids.

I suppose I understand that if someone is working around children, you do want to be vigilant about those working around them and especially if they have criminal issues but this really sucks.
It just frustrates me to see the country just let all these horrible people out jail, between murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. saying they have served their time, yet Phoenix gets fired for getting arrested for what appears to be the wrong reasons. Our country is so messed up its unbelievable. 
There is still hope though; this morning I did read a story that stated that stated officials said that Phoenix could return to his day job of working with children if he is not charged or convicted of assault.

For all that Phoenix has done for the city of Seattle, the least we could do is let him keep his job, that coincidently also is helping more people. 


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11/04/2011 6:30AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/04/2011 "Phoenix Jones Out of Work"
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11/07/2011 12:34PM
victim of retribution
Prosecutors have not filed charges for the incident, and a spokeswoman for the city attorney’s office says the case is still being investigated. I think the police union asked a favor of the union a dshs employee is a member of. He should look into a wrong termination suit. He is not charged with a crime so why can't he work
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